Choi Yeon-cheong, Miko actress who becomes a sold-out woman.. Marries a judge in June [스타이슈]

Reporter Kyungho Lee | 2023.05.30 18:52

Actress Choi Yeon-cheong./Photo=Wedding 21

Actor Choi Gyu-ri announced his marriage.

On the 30th, Gyu-ri Choi shared her thoughts on her instagram along with the news of her marriage.

He said, “After returning to Korea from China, I took a break for three years due to health problems. I had a very hard time after surgery for thyroid cancer.”

He continued, “When I went to the brink of death, I wonder if my life has been too rough for me. Because of my excessive greed, I got everything I wanted, but I lost my health. “That’s why I’m getting rid of it,” he said.

Choi Yeon-cheong said, “With the beginning of my activities in Korea, my most difficult times, for my stability… I am going to get married in June with a very precious person who has always been by my side like a pine tree , and sometimes a judge I respect so much.” he said

In addition, “I always thank all the fans who love me, and the fans who think sincerely about me… I always listen carefully to what you asked me to live” n happy and take care of my health, and from now on, I am starting my second life with a very happy person.

Choi Yeon-cheong said, “I will work harder to become an actor who works harder and harder in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Regarding Choi Yeon-cheong’s wedding, an agency official told Star News, “It is true that Choi Yeon-cheong is getting married in June.” In addition, they asked for an understanding about Choi Yeon-cheong’s future groom, saying that it is difficult to confirm other than that he is a judge.

Actress Choi Yeon-cheong./Photo = Studio C-Jes

Choi Yeon-cheong, who is married to a judge, was born in 1993 and is 30 years old this year. He was from Jeonbuk Sun, Miss Korea 2013, and had an exotic beauty. Choi Yeon-cheong debuted as an actress in the 2018 film ‘Chang-gwol’. He also appeared in films such as ‘One Punch’ and ‘Turn: The Street’, and also starred in the web drama ‘Where Your Eyes Stay’. She appeared as Kim Hee-seon in the drama ‘Changing Partner’, which was successfully completed on the 11th, and continues her activities as an actress.

Before debuting as an actress, Choi Yeon-cheong made her debut in the entertainment industry by appearing in Super Junior’s music video ‘MAGIC’ in 2015. After that, she appeared in music videos such as BTOB’s ‘To the Bride’ and ‘ Back Again’ by KNK.

Choi Yeon-cheong was active and famous not only in Korea but also in China. With its exotic beauty, it became very popular in China.

Korean and Chinese fans congratulated Choi Yeon-cheong on her marriage announcement. Fans left congratulatory messages such as “Congratulations on your marriage” and “Be happy” on social media.

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