Cholera outbreak in Kenya’s two largest refugee camps – Xinhua

Cholera outbreak in Kenya’s two largest refugee camps

On December 22 local time, the International Rescue Committee reported that an outbreak of cholera had occurred in the two largest refugee camps in Dadaab and Kakuma, Kenya.

Cholera cases in the Dadaab refugee camp increased from 9 cases on November 1 this year to 504 cases on December 18 this year, an increase of 55 times. Cholera killed at least 3 refugees. The International Rescue Committee has carried out rescue and vaccination activities in two refugee camps. Both refugee camps are currently overcrowded and the sanitation facilities are insufficient to meet daily needs.

In addition, Somalia is suffering from the worst drought in 40 years, and South Sudan is flooded. It is expected that more refugees from neighboring countries will flee to refugee camps in Kenya in the future. (Headquarters reporter Zhao Qian)