“Chomchai Arunshan” carrying merit across the sky after listening to music

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May 30, 2022 – 7:45

“Chomchai Arunshan” carrying merit across the sky after listening to music

Still standing, one of the philanthropic artists with a distinctive voice Deserves a guaranteed award according to the project. “Rising Star Tomorrow” of Suntaraphon music that has been nurtured by Teacher Eua Soonthornsanan, an important person of the world in the past
which in April until the end of May

Chomchai Arunchan has traveled to participate in the activities of The United States of America Foundation with the Thai Association of Southern California Dance and sing to raise funds for merit-making at Thai temples in Los Angeles and offering to the King in Udon Thani Also, I would like to thank the fans, especially Ping-Rujirapa Patana, the owner of Mae Ting dessert krok business, ranked number 1 in 12 of Best Street food LA. for warm welcome.

After returning to Thailand, Chomchai Arunshan also joined the Arts and Cultural Club to join the discussion “Song of the Past. Times of the Department of Advertising” with Burapha Arampira, the successor of Teacher Jaew Sanga Aramphira, the owner of the column. “Lae after listening to music” in the magazine “Art and Culture” as a moderator at the meeting room of Sod Prachaniwet Newspaper 1 was honored by Mr. Khanchai Boonpan, Chairman of the Board of Matichon Public Company Limited to attend the event.
In addition to the seminar The atmosphere in the event is still full of melodious songs by the Public Relations Department band, currently from composers, singers from the Public Relations Department, led by Chomchai Arunshan, Phiprai Jimisik, Natdanai Wongvorasant, Narumon Somwang, Sureeporn Krangsa-at, and guest singers Dr.Yada Arampira, Dr. Supachai Pongsawat, Supranee Yothinupmai, etc.
As for the Advertising Division, the Thai government during the Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram government established the “Advertising Division” to present the state’s information. Until 1940, the “Advertising Division” became the “Department of Advertising” before becoming “Public Relations Department” as it is known today, in 1952.

The era when international Thai music was beginning to develop, in 1939, the Department of Advertising was formed, with “Ua Sunthornsanan” as the band’s leader, followed by many more songs. both for entertainment And to awaken Luan Kwantham, Manthana Morakun, Winai Chulabusapa, Pensri Phumchusri, Lert Prasomsup, Chawalee Chuangwit, etc., all made names in this era.
Not only that, most recently, Chomchai Arunshan, the work queue is still overwhelming. also attended the 60th birthday party “Twins of gratitude” Bin-Ekpan Bunluerit at Wat Sri Prachantakham Community School, Prachinburi Province, where merit-making was given to scholarships. School supplies, sports equipment, bicycles, clothing, rice and dry food for 1,000 students from 9 schools located in Prachantakham District, Prachinburi Province, which is the birthplace of Bin and Ekaphan Banluerit.

In this event, it was honored by the elders who gave mercy to the filial twins, namely the president of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, Khun Panisa or Rattana Somsakulrungruang, Khun Praewphisai Pojanaprap, Khun Pornphimon Munruthai and Ms Tuenjai. Techaratanaprasert, where Chomchai Arunshan also invited Chittima Juejai, a senior singer, to join in creating colors as well.

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