Chompoo Araya replied after having drama criticizing the red dress walking the Cannes red carpet (clip)

He traveled to attend the Cannes Film Festival. France again after being away for many years due to COVID-19 For the super heroine ‘star girl’ Chompoo Araya And Hargate Where the person is full of beauty in various costumes like every year, but on the last day he encountered criticism in the red dress which was not as popular as before. Chompoo Araya attended the press conference to launch the movie “Long Leaf Love Wow!” at Infinicity Hall, 5th Floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Center Then the reporter asked about it.

Ask about the story you got back from Cannes?
“Good, I haven’t been there for many years. Thanks for following. This time, I’m tired because I’m old (laughs)”

What happened?
“It’s always tiring. This time we thought, eh. I’ll be fine. he should be flexible he didn’t take the child away But he turned out to be tired anyway. Because in the limited time we’re going We have to do a lot of things.”

There’s not much time to prepare this time, right?
“About a bit. But maybe not like every year we know that this year is over and we will continue next year. It’s like this is the first year we’ve gone back post-Covid. At first it was like were we going or not. The preparation may not be very close. But compared to every year, there may be less time than every year.

The fans are funny, there is a flow of appreciation?
“Okay, thanks everyone (smiles)”

like the last dramatic red dress Have you read the comments?
“See, feel? Well … (still thinking) use the word feel what? Well, when I saw the picture from Getty Image, usually, after walking for a while, the picture from Getty would come out. But there are many factors that allow us to understand that this could happen. Maybe it’s a factor that we never thought could happen like this.”

What was our favorite thing about that dress that made us choose to wear it that day?
“In (still thinking), I really like everything. I feel like it’s something I’ve never done. It is something that is new. I like it. I like it.”

Does it discourage us because we are confident that we have chosen it?
“Did you undermine it? Well, (still thinking), to be honest, I didn’t feel like … I mean, a bad picture is a bad picture, that’s all, we accept it and move on on. But discouraged, sad, crying? probably not that much. We’ve done this before (laughs) it’s been through a lot.”

Didn’t you prepare your mind beforehand that you would come across something like this?
“Asking whether you weren’t mentally prepared or not, you didn’t think about what we did, what we looked at positively, I guess we didn’t think… Because we had to look on everything positive, right? But if you ask if it can happen, it can happen. Asked how old this is Having been here so long, this is the first negative feedback I’ve ever seen or not. It just happened.”

Is the problem of choosing a dress difficult? People are keeping an eye on which dress will appear today?
“Is it difficult? it is certain It must be understood that we have not reached the point where we want something and then we will poke it. Behind it, there is something that people don’t know more than that. The designer will receive us. or to get someone… It’s impossible.

We are not Rihanna who will offer us hundreds and thousands of dresses, so we do our best from Choice. of the resources we can find Behind the scenes of finding and getting is something the audience will never know until they get it. So, in the decision-making process Of course, it was much easier to see the final picture and criticize it with our decision-making process.”

People expect Fam Chom to be perfect, flawless?
“I understand, we ourselves do not want to happen on the day we are together with the team trying to fit. Everything looks perfect in its own way.”

Maybe Mae Chom is strong with criticism. And what about our team?
“In reality, living together is the same nature. Because of working together I got nothing. Then move on and go do something else. Because we have so much to do.”

If you can go back?
“It’s probably the same. is to decide based on the state of the context at the time Because I was asked that day if going back was among the choices that I think I still choose this set anyway. So, there is criticism, it’s okay. Move on. Next year, let’s do it again. Keep going. It’s probably impossible to please everyone. calm us down.”

Asked for the story of attending the same event as Yang Yang, the Chinese hero?
“He’s good-looking (smiling), he’s white, good-looking.”

Did you think this kid was so handsome at first sight?
“Yes, he’s very young, isn’t he? (Smiles) He’s handsome. There’s nothing to say. We like Tee anyway (smiles)”

Is there a Say Hello chat?
“No, greet me with a little courtesy. Time to take pictures together PR will recommend When the picture went out, feedback was coming to us that Oh, why did you find it?

Someone wants to be a mother Want to dress up that day?
“Okay (smiling), review that he is really handsome, not in the eye”.


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