Chonburi Covid-19 reported 162 new cases, 2 deaths.

On December 7, 1964, Chon Buri Province, reported that Chonburi Province There are 1,702,268 people who have been vaccinated with 2 injections, which this month. So far, 1,367 people have received 2 vaccinations, 11 have pneumonia, 2 have intubated, and 4 have died.

Of those 160,807 people who have had one dose of vaccination and 465,998 people who have not been vaccinated, a total of 626,805 cases this month, 674 people who have not been vaccinated and 4,473 people who are not vaccinated have been infected with pneumonia, 63 in the tube. 7 rescues, 30 deaths, so vaccination can help reduce the severity of Covid-19.

for those who live in Chonburi should be vaccinated against COVID-19, especially the elderly and those with congenital diseases pregnant woman due to people who are infected with COVID-19 who are not vaccinated are more likely to have severe symptoms than those who were vaccinated. which leads to death from COVID-19 and the elderly person with underlying disease pregnant woman will have more symptoms than other groups

Chonburi province today has 2 deaths, 162 new cases of COVID-19 found from residents of Rayong province. received treatment in Chonburi Province, 5 cases

Cluster Siam Compressor Industry Co., Ltd. Sriracha District 17 Cluster Celestica (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Sriracha District 11 Cluster NTN Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Sriracha District 6 Cluster Myer Industries Co., Ltd. Sriracha District 5 cases

Travel history from high-risk areas in Bangkok, 2 cases, Sisaket 2 cases, Rayong 1 case, 45 contacts with confirmed cases in the family, 20 from workplaces, 2 close friends, 4 people attended a party.

touch the confirmed patient (Under investigation) 13 cases, 29 under investigation


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