Chonburi covids. No extraction. 191 new cases. 1 more death.

Covid-19 vaccination update

As of December 29, 2021, Chonburi Province There are 1,784,964 people who have been vaccinated with 2 injections, which this month. 2,588 people have had 2,588 vaccinations, 27 have pneumonia, and 6 have died.

Of the 123,136 people who had only one dose of vaccination and 420,973 who were not vaccinated, a total of 544,109 people this month found 265 unvaccinated and 1,919 unvaccinated, 40 with pneumonia, intubated 2. cases and 24 deaths

As of today, one new pneumonia case was found (no vaccination history was found) and one new death (76 years old) was found. Died was an elderly person and had a congenital disease such as diabetes (has a history of receiving one dose of vaccination).

Therefore, vaccination will help reduce the severity of COVID-19. people who live in Chonburi should be vaccinated against COVID-19, especially the elderly and those with congenital diseases pregnant woman due to COVID-19 infection not vaccinated are more likely to develop severe symptoms than those vaccinated. which leads to death from COVID-19 and the elderly person with underlying disease pregnant woman will have more symptoms than other groups



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