Chonburi found 3 deaths, not vaccinated, elderly, congenital disease

Chonburi Provincial Public Relations Office Covid-19 infection report on 6 Dec.

1. 150 new cases of COVID-19

2. Accumulated 108,645 infected people

– 3 pneumonia patients with no history of vaccination, one of them

3. Three deaths, average age of 66 years, were associated with risk factors that contributed to the severity of the disease leading to death, namely the elderly. and patients with congenital diseases such as diabetes, high blood lipids High blood pressure, tuberculosis and no history of vaccination in all three cases.

4. The cumulative number of deaths is 768.

5. Healed 199 people

6. Healed, accumulated 105,881 people

7. We are treating 1,996 people.

Details of new infections

1. Cluster in the Naval Area, Sattahip District, 5 people, collecting 1,822 people, the epidemic continues to be uncontrollable.

1.1 3 naval officers

1.2 Naval officers (hockey) 2 people

2. People who live in Rayong came to receive treatment in Chonburi Province, 8 people, collecting 5,141 people, and other provinces, collecting 1,840 people

3. Cluster Celestica (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Sriracha District 21 people, collecting 67 people

4. Risky occupation, meeting a lot of 2 people

5. Provide a history of traveling from provincial risk areas

5.1 Surat Thani Province 5 people

5.2 Rayong Province 3 people

5.3 Kamphaeng Phet 2 people

5.4 Samut Sakhon 2 people

5.5 Chiang Mai Province 1 person

5.6 Sisaket Province 1 person

5.7 Rayong Province 1 person

6. Touch the confirmed patient

6.1 In a family of 43 people

6.2 from the workplace 21 people

6.3 Close persons 7 people

6.4 Join a party of 3 people

7. Touch the confirmed patient (under investigation) 4 people

8. Currently under investigation for 21 people


– 1,701,546 people who have completed 2 injections of vaccinations, which this month So far, 1,367 people have had 2 injections of vaccinations, 11 have pneumonia, 2 are intubated, and 4 have died.

– Those who only vaccinated 1 dose 161,382 people

Another 466,415 unvaccinated, a total of 627,797 people. This month, 674 unvaccinated and unvaccinated infected, 62 pneumonia, 7 intubated, 30 deaths.



CR: Chonburi Provincial Public Relations Office


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