Home Health Chonburi found infected with Covid 615, 3 deaths. The governor ordered the closure of 4 labor camps.

Chonburi found infected with Covid 615, 3 deaths. The governor ordered the closure of 4 labor camps.

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Chonburi still swells Found a new infection today. 615 additional deaths 3 cases The governor has ordered the closure of the labor camp again. 4 epidemic prevention

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on 19 g.c. Chonburi Provincial Public Health reported that More infected people found today 615 Income has accumulated 15,990 Rae is still recovering. 6,770 recovered 9,139 More deaths 3 The cumulative total of the deaths was 81 income

with the spread of infection 9 District, where the most infected people were found in.Sriracha 201 Ban Bueng 34 Bang Lamung 175 Chonburi 117 Rai Phanthong 8 Rai Sattahip 40Rai Phanat Nikhom 21Rai Bo Thong 5 Rai and Koh Chan 2 income

As for most infections today, it still comes from the workplace. 14 of the market 5 Construction worker camp 10 place and community 4 of

Found that the infection today is from the infection within the family. 131 income from the workplace 63 income

from the proactive examination of Sriracha District Public Health and Chonburi Provincial Public Health at Today there are reports of coronavirus cases.-19 new number 615 income

A school cluster in Phanat Nikhom District 6 income

Cluster of Prime Products Industry, Bo Thong District 2 income

Central Festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Center Cluster 28 income

Recruitment Cluster Turns 1/2564 18 income

A cluster of establishments in Mueang Chon Buri District 13 income

A risky career, meeting a lot of people. 10 income

medical personnel 8 income

Emerson Electric Co. (Thailand) Co., Ltd..Rayong 2 income

Shiraiichi Calcium Co. (Thailand) Co., Ltd..Rayong 2 income

ball game company (Thailand) Co., Ltd..Rayong 2 income

Atosa Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. (Thailand) Co., Ltd..Rayong 1 income

queue companyCon Eastern Co., Ltd..Rayong 1 income

Investigation of travel history in other provinces of Bangkok. 2 Phuket Province 1 Prachinburi Province 1 Contact with confirmed patient, close person 20 Participants in the party 3 Persons who have been in contact with confirmed cases in the family 131 income from the workplace 63 Contact with confirmed patients (pending disease investigation) 166 The case is under investigation. 135 income

Today, the total number of contact searches have been reported. 506 income, Preliminary Proactive Search Number 1,738 earnings and pending additional proactive search reports.

Mr. Phakhathorn Thienchai, Governor.Chonburi has ordered the closure of 4 more labor camps to stop the epidemic.

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