Chonburi governor confident that PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2022 will not spread COVID-19 believe that the screening measures are good

Sriracha News Center – Chonburi Governor not worried about PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2022 spread of COVID-19 Trust the strict screening measures, dividing the event area into 2 zones, reducing congestion, explaining the daily high number of infected people because of the party.

from the case of the Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office reported the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 new cases in the area with an ever-increasing rate As of today, there are 310 new cases, with Bang Lamung district being the area with the highest number of new cases at 208.

In addition, during the New Year’s Eve festival to welcome the new year 2022 in many areas of Chonburi Province, especially Pattaya City. There was a New Year’s Eve event that was expected to attract a large number of tourists, causing many parties to worry about the potential spread of COVID-19. another big time

Most recently, Mr. Phakhathorn Thienchai, Governor of Chonburi Province, has confirmed that the event PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2022 in Pattaya City will be able to control the spread of COVID-19 definitely from strict preventive measures Both the event area is divided into 2 zones, which are Event zone and Festival zone.

In the event zone, all participants must pass an ATK test with a negative confirmation of no more than 48 hours and must be certified by a medical facility. or have had at least 2 vaccinations against COVID-19, while those who do not meet the specified criteria will not be allowed to enter the event area.

And will be assigned to only the Festival zone, which is considered the outer area only. But still have to follow preventive measures as well, such as wearing masks 100%, social distancing. and the use of alcohol gel to wash hands

“Therefore, measures The government agencies have organized a rigorous planning. As for the number of new infections found in Chonburi province, especially in Bang Lamung district, most of the causes are from social gatherings. Setting up a drinking group and eat together,” said the governor of Chonburi Province.

The organizers of “Pattaya Countdown” apologized to villagers for playing loud music until the morning, unable to sleep

and in the case of villagers in the Pattaya area has posted a story on the famous page about the event PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2022 that the loud noise exceeds the legal time limit and called on Pattaya City to urgently resolve such problems.

Recently, the organizers have apologized to the villagers in the area. and confirmed that the problems will be solved to reduce the suffering of the people



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