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Chonburi news, found 108 new infections, accumulated 2,153 people.

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Today (28 Apr. 64) Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office Report of the COVID-19 situation At 6:30 am, Chonburi, there were 108 new patients, of which were direct patients from the 24 entertainment venue cluster. It found fewer than 10 patients in this cluster for several days in a row. And 11 infected people with a history of contact with upcountry after Songkran Festival were also found. In addition, two infected medical personnel were also infected, while 43 infected people were investigated. And there are 435 people waiting to hear the results of the proactive search.

In a new wave of outbreaks In Chonburi Province, there were 2,153 patients with 562 cured patients, most of which were found in Bang Lamung District, Muang Chonburi District and Sriracha District.

Mr. Phakthon Thianchai, Governor of Chonburi Province Revealed that the situation of infected people in the area remained stable. There are hundreds of new infected people. Which is considered worrisome Most of the found are still the same group, the entertainment cluster The infection spreads widely in 3 districts: Bang Lamung, Mueang Chon Buri and Sriracha, initially expected to improve in 2 weeks from the beginning of April. But until now, the situation did not go as expected.

Provincial Communicable Diseases Committee Analyzed the problem and concluded that 6,000 people who had been proactively tested and no infection should be tested again. It was found that only 3,000 people were able to repeat the test and there were hundreds of positive results in the second test. The province therefore will speed up the inspection of another 3,000 people as quickly as possible. If the infection is found, it will enter the process of treatment and not spread to other people.

In addition, it was found that an additional group of infected people was added during the Songkran festival. Both groups that travel from the area to other provinces When returning to the area, they also bring the infection. And groups who live in other provinces come back to visit their homes in Chonburi Therefore ask those who think they touch the patient Or tested for infection and did not find the first time Strict quarantine until the maturity of 14 days

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