Chonburi, pork pan restaurant open to sell as usual after livestock seized formalin-soaked pork and beef

From the case on December 1, 2022, Mr. Somchuan Veterinarian Rattana Mangkhalanon Director General of the Department of Livestock Development An officer was sent to inspect a large meat and offal processing business establishment in the area of ​​Moo 5, Soi Wat Noen Krabok, Bowin Sub-District, Sriracha District , Chonburi Province, due to complaints from the public that the production of meat is illegal without permission, the results of the inspection found that it is in fact breaking the law. There was no permission for food production, there was no animal carcass trading license (Ror. 10), there was no animal carcass removal document (Ror. 3), and there was no meat sale certificate (Ror. Ror.) including the offal • Cattle , pork offal, which uses chemicals in the production process There is formalin, caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide So, all the middle items have been confiscated. More than 2.5 thousand kilograms in the refrigerated container

In addition, Sabai Nang pieces were also found. processed immersed in a tank of water mixed with formalin So collect offal meat samples sent to the Livestock Products Quality Inspection Office, Livestock Development Department to find pathogens contaminated with harmful chemical residues The business owner is prohibited from handing over the seized medium. and must submit relevant documents within 15 days If no documents are submitted within the specified time destroy the object by burying or burning At the same time, more than 50 gallons of 25-litre formalin and corrugated cores were seized, and another important evidence: These meats will be sold in Mu Kratha restaurants. and more than 66 Isan restaurants in Chonburi and surrounding areas

Chonburi, pork pan restaurant open to sell as usual after livestock seized formalin-soaked pork and beef

In this regard, the reporter went on the ground to check and found a pork pot shop “What the hell! 555” Moo Thong Moo 3, Bowin Subdistrict, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, which has a sergeant of Siamese origin , a veteran officer, as executive. has revealed that the shop has bought pork from Betagro Department Store and will be bringing it to the slicer. Then bring it to marinate on your own. Therefore, customers can be confident that it is clean and safe for sure.

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