Choo Shin-soo, who opened his mouth in ‘Ahn Woo-jin’s elimination’, was struck by head wind[스한 위클리]

[스포츠한국 이정철 기자] Choo Shin-soo (41, SSG Landers) expressed regret about the composition of the Korean national team for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). In addition, Ahn Woo-jin, who caused the ‘school violence controversy’, was mentioned. Choo Shin-soo mentioned the word ‘forgiveness’, saying that he felt sorry for An Woo-jin, who was not selected for the WBC team. However, baseball fans are pouring out cold reactions to Choo Shin-soo who made such comments.

Choo Shin-soo. ⓒ Korea Sports

▶ Comments for the WBC national team, and Ahn Woo-jin

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held a press conference at the Baseball Hall in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 4:00 pm on the 4th and announced the final entry for the 2023 WBC baseball team, and which included 30 people. Among them, there was no name of An Woo-jin.

Ahn Woo-jin was expelled from the national team by the Korea Softball Association (KBSA) due to school violence while attending Whimoon High School.

However, as much as the Book Council, An Woo-jin could also participate as a member of the national team. This is because the KBO forms the WBC national team. Woo-jin won the Golden Glove pitcher for the 2022 season, ranking first in the KBO League in ERA (2.21) and strikeouts (224). There was no shortage of skill. However, An Woo-jin was not included in the final list.

Regarding this, WBC Technical Committee Chairman Cho Bum-hyeon revealed the reason for dropping Ahn Woo-jin, saying, “When selecting 30 players, we considered various things, such as skills, the symbolic meaning of representing the country, responsibility, and pride. “

Then, Choo Shin-soo expressed his regret for not choosing An Woo-jin. On the 21st, Choo Shin-soo said of Ahn Woo-jin on DKNET, a Korean radio station in the Dallas area, “Obviously he did something wrong. As a third person, it’s very sad to see and hear. After’ to sum it up well. player,” he said.

“I play baseball in Korea, but there are so many things I don’t understand. I don’t think it’s easy to forgive in Korea. (Ahn Woo-jin) repented for his mistakes and received punishment and suspension. But ) I can’t go to international competitions.” Ahn Woo-jin expressed his regret at the failure to join the WBC national team.

Finally, Choo Shin-soo said, “If there is a player who goes through such an unreasonable thing, I think the seniors should step up.

Ahn Woo-jin.  ⓒ Korea Sports
Ahn Woo-jin. ⓒ Korea Sports

▶ Cool reaction from fans

After joining the KBO League in the 2021 season, Choo Shin-soo highlighted the problem with the aging locker room at Jamsil Stadium. The away locker room at Jamsil Stadium was eventually transformed into a new look. Choo Shin-soo received support from fans.

But it was different this time. Baseball fans criticize Choo Shin-soo for covering An Woo-jin, party to ‘school violence controversy’.

Baseball fans also began to raise issues that had sunk below the surface. Choo Shin-soo was arrested in Ohio in 2011 for drink driving. At that time, the recorded video spread quickly through the community.

Choo Shin-soo’s national team career was also on the chopping block. Choo Shin-soo participated in the 2009 WBC and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. However, he did not join the national team after that. There were big competitions like WBC 2013 and WBC 2017, but they didn’t show up.

Baseball fans doubted Choo Shin-soo’s sincerity towards the national team, saying, “Choo Shin-soo did not participate in the national team after receiving military service benefits.” Of course, views like this have often arisen before. However, after the comments about Ahn Woo-jin, this view changed from the ‘minority’ to the ‘majority’ view.

Choo Shin-soo also talked about the reality of not being able to compete in the 2017 WBC due to opposition from the club in DKNET. However, he did not mention the most important issue, which was the WBC’s lack of participation in 2013. Then, ‘Choo Shin-soo’s debate over the benefits of the national team’s military service’ became even hotter. Choo Shin-soo began to be beaten by baseball fans and even the public.

Choo Shin-soo.  ⓒ Korea Sports
Choo Shin-soo. ⓒ Korea Sports

▶ What Choo Shin-so lost, the only person who can forgive school violence is the ‘victim’

Baseball fans have felt a lot of irritation from ‘easy forgiveness’. Despite numerous incidents and accidents, the people who caused the incident returned to the ground saying, “I will repay you with a baseball.”

Woo-jin was the same. Due to Kiwoom Heroes’ self-discipline, he was suspended for 50 games in the 2018 season as a rookie, but it paled in comparison to the weight of school violence. The punishment that was very heavy was the part where I was expelled from the national team from KBSA.

In this situation, if the KBO allows Ahn Woo-jin to join the WBC team, KBSA’s disciplinary action will only become a laughing stock. I tried to give up ‘national representative Ahn Woo-jin’, but the fact that a situation arises where I wear the Taegeuk mark openly and play an active role on the stage is the best. In this regard, it can be said that the KBO’s decision to ban Ahn Woo-jin is a great choice for the Korean WBC team.

However, Choo Shin-soo, who ignored this part, felt sorry for An Woo-jin, who could not wear the Taegeuk mark. He insisted that the voice of the baseball elders who can turn the public’s mind is also needed, and went further, saying sarcastically that it is not easy to forgive Korean culture.

The only person who can forgive the person who commits violence in the school is the victim. Baseball fans and the public may criticize An Woo-jin for his violence at school, but he has no right to forgive. Only the victims know exactly the pain of school violence.

Choo Shin-soo.  ⓒ Korea Sports
Choo Shin-soo. ⓒ Korea Sports

The biggest problem in Choo Shin-soo’s comments is this part. Choo Shin-soo criticized the public opinion of not forgiving those who commit violence in the school. It’s like taking out your anger in the wrong place. This is why baseball fans and the general public can’t help but be disappointed in Choo Shin-soo.

The age of asking for forgiveness through talent is over. Talent has nothing to do with forgiveness. Only the victim can forgive. However, Choo Shin-soo only thought about Ahn Woo-jin’s talent. For now, it seems that Choo Shin-soo will not be able to escape the consequences of this comment.

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