Choo Shin-soo X Lee Dae-ho X Jung Geun-woo, a fresh combination first seen in entertainment (thanks)

‘It’s Glad You Don’t Fight’ Choo Shin-soo braves his first island life with Lee Dae-ho and Jung Geun-woo.
In the 106th episode of MBC’s ‘It’s Glad You Don’t Fight’ (directed by Kim Myung-jin, hereinafter ‘I’m Glad’), broadcast on January 9, 82-year-old baseball legends and born in Busan Photo Shin-soo Choo, Dae-ho Lee, and Geun-woo Jung ‘My Hands (I Catch with My Hands)’ Choa and Hwang Je-seong will join as ‘Back Talker’.

Shin-soo Choo, the best baseball player who led the SSG championship in Korea, and Lee Dae-ho, the fourth Joseon hitter who won the oldest Gold Glove last year by spending an unprecedented retirement season, Jung Geun-woo, who is the main character of the championship and known as the devil’s second baseman, unites on an island, not on a baseball field.

On this day, Hwang Je-seong, a quarterback who watched Shin-soo Choo, Dae-ho Lee, and Geun-woo Jung, expressed his anticipation as a baseball fan, saying, “It’s a combination I’ve never seen in entertainment . .” In particular, unlike Lee Dae-ho and Jung Geun-woo, who are active in entertainment after retirement, Choo Shin-soo is a player who rarely appears in entertainment, so more people’s attention is focused .

On the way to the deserted island, the chemistry between the three best friends explodes. First, they congratulate Choo Shin-soo, who tasted a championship for the first time in his professional baseball career last year. While Lee Dae-ho and Jung Geun-woo express their sincere jealousy, I wonder how Shin-soo Choo will react.

Their chatter leads to the story of Lee Dae-ho’s retirement ceremony. At this point, the topic shifts to the fact that Choo Shin-soo sheds tears while congratulating Lee Dae-ho on his retirement. Lee Dae-ho teases Choo Shin-soo, “Why did you cry so much?” and Jung Geun-woo, who adds, “Are you in menopause?” The conversation that only steam friends can do is expected to give the viewers a laugh.

The three people who laughed about the history of memories suddenly become serious as they encounter rough waves. At this time, Choo Shin-soo, who was hit by a wave, expressed his fear by saying, “I’m afraid.” He continued to ask anxious questions, “Do we really have to hold it alone with nothing?” As soon as he reached the island, he said, “I want to go back. I’m not ready,” adding to the curiosity by declaring that she would quit.

Will Choo Shin-soo be able to finish his first island life safely with his best friends? MBC’s ‘Andahaeng’, where you can check out the first ‘My Hands’ of the three baseball legends, will be broadcast on Monday, January 9th at 9:00pm.

iMBC Kim Kyung-hee | Photo courtesy of MBC

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