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Chosun Ilbo sues for 1 billion won in damages to Chosun Ilbo over illustration controversy

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[조 전 장관 페이스북 캡처]

Former Justice Minister Cho Kuk filed a claim for damages in relation to the Chosun Ilbo’s use of his daughter in illustrations and to illegal inspections by the National Intelligence Service during the tenures of former Presidents Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye.

Former Minister Cho announced on the morning of the 30th that he had filed two damages claims with the Seoul Central District Court.

The former Minister Cho said, “Today, Chosun Ilbo and his daughter filed a complaint against the Chosun Ilbo, the reporter who wrote the article, and the editor-in-chief, claiming 500 million won each, for a total of 1 billion won.”

The Chosun Ilbo was held responsible for a total of 1 billion won, including 500 million won and 500 million won for two reporters.

Separately, former Minister Cho said, “Former Minister Cho Kuk is closely reviewing the relevant legal principles and appointment of an attorney with respect to a lawsuit in the US court regarding the publication of the same content in the Los Angeles Chosun Ilbo.”

Regarding the illegal inspection by the NIS, the NIS filed a claim for damages of 200 million won against the Republic of Korea to which it belongs.

Regarding the Chosun Ilbo illustration issue, former Minister Cho said, “The image of my daughter is intuitively reminiscent of a woman in her 20s from a mixed robbery and a man who is a victim of theft. He explained the reason for filing the lawsuit as a serious and unjustifiable violation of personal rights.”

The Chosun Ilbo used an illustration image of a former minister and daughter in an article titled ‘”Wash first” on the 21st, ‘Inducing prostitution and stealing wallets’.

The Chosun Ilbo issued an apology twice digitally for this issue. In addition, on the 30th, a page of paper was devoted to explaining the circumstances and posting an apology letter stating measures to prevent recurrence.

Regarding the illegal inspections by the NIS, former Minister Cho said, “The NIS conducted illegal inspections continuously from at least 2011 to 2016.” “In May 2021, I filed a request for disclosure of inspection information to the NIS and received a partial disclosure decision, and the result was shocking. ” he said.

Former Minister Cho said, “At that time, the National Intelligence Service disguised the former Minister as a “pro-North Korean force”, “a pro-North Korean leftist”, and “a professor,” and “focused on targeting the country that is conducting pro-North Korean activities while holding a Twitter account.” , “blasphemy against the head of state, distorting state affairs, and degrading the status of the National Intelligence Service”, “high-intensity pressure”, “continued all-round special activities”, and periodically reporting this on a weekly basis, state agencies treat citizens as if they were terrorists. They defined it as the same enemy, used harsh language reminiscent of a military operation, made it an attack target, and actually executed it,” explained the reason for the claim for damages.

Minister Cho claimed, “It has also been revealed that the NIS used this as an excuse for the attack by identifying the school that Cho’s daughter is attending.”

“With the hope that such damages will not occur again in the future, we have filed a lawsuit to hold the media responsible for the violation of personal rights and illegal inspections conducted by the previous administration,” said former Minister Cho.

Reporters Haejun Lee and Yoojung Lee [email protected]

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