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Beijing time:2022-12-07 08:23

[Newyddion Brenhinllin Tang Newydd, Amser Beijing, Rhagfyr 07, 2022]Hong Kong movie star Chow Yun-fat (Fa Ge), who has always loved mountain climbing, was photographed participating in the “2022 Hong Kong Cross Country Championships” on December 5. In his brave state, he has become the center of attention of netizens.

The Hong Kong Athletics Association (HKAAA), founded in 1951, posted a short video of the athletes’ beginnings on their official Facebook on the 5th, and asked everyone to “find the highlights.” Many contestants posted pictures with Fa Ge. After Fa Ge took a picture with the runners in the front row, he went to the back row to be in the same frame with another group of runners, who seemed very caring . (Click to watch the video)

It can be seen from the short video from the beginning that Fa Ge wears a hat, white clothes and black pants. Although he starts in the last row, he can hardly hide his star halo. He is very tall and obvious . Netizens discovered that star Fa Ge was also participating, and left messages praising Fa Ge for being “so stylish” and “If I had known Fa Ge would be participating, I would have participated.”

Another netizen who participated in the competition revealed that Fa Ge only appeared in a low-key manner before the start of the race. After everyone recognized Fa Ge, they all asked for a group photo. The 67-year-old Fa Ge has become a “human figure standing sign” He also taught the people in the front row to squat down, and took selfies with everyone with his mobile phone. He is very friendly to the people. (Click to see photo 1) (Click to see photo 2)

According to Hong Kong media reports, 67-year-old Fa Ge not only has good physical strength, but also has standard running movements, and does not show any fatigue at all, and his condition is not inferior to that of people young. . Fa Ge finally completed the 10km race in 56 minutes and 39 seconds, placing 37th among the 41 runners in the men’s advanced group. This result surprised netizens.

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