Chris Ambraisse Boston, the dignified and elegant fashion designer for everyone


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Chris Ambraisse Boston and his A and K Classics brand offer pieces designed for everyone. The garments are equipped with rubber bands or magnets. Designer uses velcro strips rather than buttons or knots, aware of disabilities, Chris Ambraisse Boston designs inclusive fashion.

What I like about this job is to create and innovate. I love to draw, I love materials, that’s what I like. I don’t think I’ll do another job. For me, it’s really a creationsays Chris Ambraisse Boston, creator of Classics A and K.

A is Ambraisse and K Chris, there is this very sober classic side in my collections and very strong touches. “Before creating his brand, Chris Ambraisse Boston created an association in 2006:” Fashion and disability are possible! “. The fashion student he was later wanted to raise awareness in society and the world of fashion on people with disabilities.

Fashion for everyone

In 2010 she created her brand A and K Classics and fashion for all. He makes clothes for both able-bodied and disabled people. For the designer it is a source of inspiration.

It’s a bit like the muses. I am inspired by them, by their way of being, by their expressions. Ideas burst but I always pay attention to find the right balance in relation to creation, shape in terms of details, hinges, volume for the disabled, ergonomic, practical side, this is very important, but for the skilled person, there is no ‘is need. Look for the creative side, something very nice but the idea is that you don’t identify this garment as a garment for people with disabilities.indicates the creator.

Support and include thanks to fashion

Chris Ambraisse Boston practices inclusion in his collections, but also at the level of inclusion of young people in his laboratory.

There are young people who come, I teach on a discovery course, CAP, BEP, Bac Pro or young people who get out of jail or have dropped out of school. There are associations that send them to me to discover fashion we Explique Chris Ambraisse Boston.

I had the opportunity, through my association, to carry out projects also with autistic people. I make them aware of creation. I do parades with disabled and able-bodied people. It is also about changing the image of oneself, discovering the world of modeling. They participate in the development of the collection, make arrangements and validate the product. And this is very important to me concludes the stylist.




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