Christina sheds tears for the moment she lost her father – revealing the moment of Thailand’s 4 Diva’s reunion

Christina shed tears, recounting the moment she lost her father – revealing the reunion moment of the 4 Diva Thailand for many years, without closing her heart for love.

Dance Queen of Thailand Christina Aguilera with a sister Hello Teresa Opened up after losing your father by Tina’s daughter to the point of shedding tears in the middle of the program Ready to tell about the reunion moment of the 4 Diva of Thailand “May-For-Marsha-Tina” in many years and also talks about a love that does not close the heart in the program Chat with SHOW Channel One 31 has Peggy Srithanya a Chompoo before noon MC

Collect 4 Thai Diva Mai-Am-Marsha-Tina? Tina: We talk all the time we have to make an appointment to eat. but dated for many years I just finished my house, so I made an appointment with other people too. Try calling and we should meet sometime. It will update the life of each person to listen because we have not seen each other for a long time Everyone releases and competes a lot. but so much fun

talk back to the past? Tina: Just myself Mainly it will ask after the COVID period, how is the life of each person? What has changed? how to take care of your health Each person will have different angles. there’s a small leak It’s a fun night There was laughter, there were tears. But the tears we talk with friends.

What are you crying about?? Tina: Talk to Am about your father. Am lost his father too. We talked together and suddenly burst into tears after my father fell ill. We will have another aspect of life. We must be happy with life. Because we don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow. Not everyone left because of old age. work we work being with friends being with friends Living with family Living with family Everything must be balanced.

Before the incident, my father did not think this way.? Tina: In the past, most of the time when I wasn’t working, I preferred to be with my friends. This family is very small and rarely goes out. Rarely meet anyone Now we have the feeling that we need to be more open. I learned something different every day.

Father died in September. current state of mind? Tina: Better, but there will be times when we are alone with tears flowing. If you’re watching a movie, this is the family corner crying out. Sitting in the car driving and listening to the music my father gave me to listen to, I cried. What is your father’s illness?? Eh: normal diabetes but serious heart problems We’ve always taken care of each other. On that day, the symptoms were not expected to be like this. Turned it around and in one day he was in ICU.

Tina: He said he felt chest pain Take him to the doctor and go to the ICU. Doctor chooses a bypass with a balloon We chose a balloon because our grandfather didn’t want him to have an operation. Failed to make a balloon The blood vessels were very fragile. Eh: He was in the ICU for a month. It was also during the COVID period. Tina was free. We went to see her father every day. He slept unconscious for a long time. until I started to feel it, but it wasn’t the same Everything will slow down, get out of the ICU, get infected in the bloodstream. we have to go back in. In the end, luckily we came back home and we looked after each other. Papa also gave us a bonus for a year that we still stay together and take care of each other.

start talking about preparation? Tina: We saw that he did not know when he would have time with us. but not so good We try to do the best we can. Father Day left? Eh: from normal the day before to dialysis That morning, my breathing was not normal, I could not move, and I left very quickly.

after father died They both went on to the hospital.? Eh: Some bad thinking As for the formalities, we are completing everything. They did not feel well and went to hospital. After that it took a long time to heal as well. Tina: Before my father, we had a conversation that if we were sick and stuck in bed one day, we didn’t have to hold back. He torments those who are sick and those who have to see him.

ask for the heart I didn’t find anyone interested.? Tina: we rarely go out rarely meet anyone Eh: 10 years raising children we don’t go out He didn’t go out and wait for Ae Ae said he could find happiness on his own. happy at home Tina: It can be a person with a relatively high personal world. Perhaps it has been this way since childhood. Coming to work is part of how we protect ourselves. like we have a wall

Is someone flirting or attacking? Eh: If he attacks Tina, he will be seen as having no morals. Tina: It obviously looks a bit scary Personally, I like mature people. have leadership We can talk about anything, we have an open mind, we go on dates. that we are willing to open our hearts to get to know another person Sometimes adults say that this person is a nice person. Let’s talk If friends tell us, try to talk. But we will be many people.

A fortune teller said he still has a soul mate.? Eh: Many people have come to greet me all the time until I didn’t see it. They said it was there Tina: believe that everyone has a partner Only to meet or not to meet I sat and waited (laughs). If you make a wish, you will ask for more health, work and family. If it’s about love, if it’s there, it’s there. We are not troublesome people to get love. These days, I don’t feel lacking.

Eh: want someone to take care of him We are younger brothers and sisters, taking care of elders is normal. If there was someone else to help take care of him, he would be happy in a different way. want him to be happy I already have a young man in my heart? Eh: Ae’s own child, aged 14, a scholarship swimmer for the school to compete in the national youth team selection competition. A selection of the world’s youth

I want to join the national team? Eh: I didn’t expect anything. Let the child swim normally. Suddenly, he has a serious intention to swim. We support exactly that. Tina: When we have grandchildren, we feel like we don’t have to have children anymore. We focus on grandchildren Give it more love want to enter the entertainment industry? Eh: In fact, not prohibit, not encourage. It’s up to him. But now his dream is to swim, want him to complete his dream first. Is this handsome? Eh: Tina Huang over

Tina: A little jealous, but we care more. We see today’s society as very scary. But there was relief when he concentrated on swimming he had no time for anything else. He doesn’t like to go out around birds either. We used to secretly ask him whether he had a daughter or not, and we had some conversations. If a girl comes in, who scans?? Tina: it’s his life It’s just that our grandchildren are children. We fear being deceived by women.

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