Christine Swift's and Taylor Swift's colds come up with aesthetic queue

Christine Swift's and Taylor Swift's colds come up with aesthetic queue
She's ted over each other's Taylor video (Picture: UK Cosmopolitan / Matthew Eades, Getty)

Christine and the Queen have said lint conflict on Taylor Swift's video ‘the Need To Calm Down, saying that the aesthetic queer hetic cannot be sold. # 39;

Gone singer, known as Chris recently, came back as a very dangerous person in 2014.

Ta Sometimes I was forced to be dirty, or as he was obscene. There is only a sexual orientation – nothing contradictory. Being young, sexually active and proud of your sexuality is a problem for women, she said to Cosmopolitan.

The 31-year-old name, Héloïse Letissier, continued saying she is at odds with people like Taylor Swift by filling their music videos with LGBT stars.

It's not here for queue aesthetics olta sold ’(Picture: Cosmopolitan UK / Matthew Eades)

Mé I guess somewhere, young gay men could watch Taylor Swift's video and have a sense of relief. Five years on [since she entered the industry] and you can say that the queue is steeped as the real fancy accessory, she said.

E You can say that queue aesthetics is being used to sell things. The main stream needs life as it is so vibrant. But I think the queue aesthetic heart can not be sold.

Preach, girl.

The French star impressed our lives earlier this year when she reached her goal at All Point East.

Chris became a backbone in 2014 (Picture: Cosmopolitan UK / Matthew Eades)

And, despite the worst story coming out, she's sure she's so proud of anything.

Chris was growing up with women and men dancers occupying many of the routines, and before joining Transformation, she provided a sweet moment to anyone in the LGBTQ + crowd in the crowd.

‘From where, out of time, out of control, 'she shouted. ‘But it's good to be out. '

Read the full interview in Cosmopolitan (Picture: Cosmopolitan UK / Matthew Eades)

We have no choice but to stand.

Taylor released his music video for You Need To Calm Down back in June, with the song including lyrics ‘why are you crazy when you might be GLAAD? '

Bigger: Taylor Swift

She then used the lyrics video to highlight the letters E and A in the seating, peace and scream words, referring to the Equality Act which is currently going through a conference.

The video hosts a large crowd of drag queen, as well as a Queer Eye collection, LGBT YouTubers, as well as icons like Laverne Cox and Hayley Kiyoko.

The issue of Cosmopolitan in November is for sale from October 2nd.

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