Chu Soft Power Pushes Travel Pulling influencers to fuel content on TikTok

Mr revealed Eric Knok Fah, co-founder and COO of Asia’s leading travel platform Klook, as Klook’s strength in social media, this year 2023 will adopt a strategy to bring insights. Create content on TikTok around 5 soft power aspects of Thailand, namely 1. Food 2. Films and videos 3. Thai fashion design 4. martial arts and 5. traditional festivals Invite people all over Asia to visit Thailand, with the aim of selling Thai travel packages this year will increase by 300% or no less than 1 million trips or 1 million people, targeting the first 5 countries, namely China, Hong Kong, Taiwan South. Korea and Singapore

“When comparing tourism recovery in all countries after the COVID-19 crisis, Thailand is considered to be recovering very quickly. In particular, luxury tourism has recovered quite well. And we have also found that travelers are increasingly looking for premium travel. And tourists like Thailand because of their hospitality and warm care, but Klook customers are the best choice for travel packages in Japan, followed by Taiwan and Thailand.”

For the popular tourist attractions in Thailand, namely Bangkok, Phuket, which is the main city ready for tourism. Including wanting to travel to Chiang Mai But need to add more flights AND another place that is being addressed is Khao Yai.

Mr Eric also mentioned that Thailand is in an election period and will have a new government. So he would like the new government to support 3 things, namely, Thai soft power in all 5 areas, which is a selling point for Thailand that will be well promoted Support for more premium travel and support for sustainable tourism.