Chulabhorn Royal College Prepare to import 5 million doses of Sinofarm vaccine by Aug.

Chulabhorn Royal College reports information on the allocation of 5 million doses of sino farm vaccines into Thailand (22 June-13 August 2021) and waiting to import another 5 million doses (15 August- 31 Aug. 2021), a total of 10 million doses.

While the overall picture of the number of vaccines allocated 9,841,396 doses and waiting to be allocated to the POWs in other provinces, about 100,000 doses), the total number of vaccinations in Sino Farms nationwide: 2,225,033 doses, divided into

  • 1st dose: 1,615,315 doses
  • 2nd dose: 609,718 doses

Number of vaccines allocated and waiting for injection: 2,431,443 people divided into

  • 234,334 juristic organizations
  • Local government offices 2,042,820 cases
  • 154,289 natural persons



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