Chulalongkorn recommends businesses send goods to adapt, create value, turn “customers” into “friends”, warn of a war on price cuts that will lead businesses to collapse.

Logistics and Supply Chain Seminar organized by Chulalongkorn University Graduate School. Experts advise freight forwarders to adapt. Create new value for business, turn customers into friends. warning of a price war It can cause the whole business to collapse.
Chulalongkorn University school graduation Organize an online discussion “CUGS Special Conversations Ep. 7 on “Beyond Digital Supply Chain in the New Normal” Those who took part in the panel discussion included Dr. Danan Suphattaraphan, President. Thailand Postal Company Limited, Asst. Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University and Associate Professor Dr. Manoch Lohatepanon, Director of Transport Institute, Chulalongkorn Professor Dr Thanatat Mokkamakkakul and Professor Dr Naowanit Songkram
Professor Dr Manoch Lohatepanon, Director of Transport Institute, Chulalongkorn University he said at the moment after measures to relax businesses and activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 It can be seen that the return of supply or consumer demand is happening quickly. Whether traveling or transporting goods But the business sector still lacks the workforce to provide a full service. for example The number of passengers traveling to the country at the airport is overcrowded. or problems with delays in the delivery of parcel carriers. This is a huge challenge for logistics and supply chain entrepreneurs. It also includes the growing popularity of last mile delivery, environmental care or a circular supply chain. Thailand is joining the elderly consumer society. and rapidly changing technology trends (digital transformation) Entrepreneurs should develop their potential to be able to adapt and be flexible in their work and services to keep up with new technologies. that is about to happen
“A very challenging problem for entrepreneurs today. is a matter of cost control Asking for a price increase is likely to be difficult. looking at it from an entrepreneur’s point of view Probably introducing various appropriate technologies to apply Reduce costs and increase the quality of better service to customers. without increasing service fees,” said Assoc. Professor Dr. Mr.
the same and Dr. Danan Suphattaraphan, President of Thailand Post Co., Ltd. Having said that, since the start of COVID-19 which is an unpredictable situation What the logistic business has to encounter is the same. It’s a problem no one has ever come across before. Including adaptations, downsizing, reducing work during the epidemic Cause existing supply to start coming back in Combined with very popular online trading The business sector is facing a labor shortage problem in the transport sector logistics. along with a reduction in the purchasing power of customers This causes price competition, known as a price war, which is not good for the overall business.
“What will happen after this? Is that various transactions will be more online. The competition has grown tremendously. What logistics providers have seen is the need for multiple forms of transport. What we have to prepare to deal with, for example, in collaboration with different co-chains, etc., including the ability to find specific expertise or capabilities in transport, for example, to transport fruit trees each type requires a different transport together. Create value or value for the business and prevent us from being in the price wars game.
side Assistant Professor Dr Ake Pattarathanakul, Chief Brand Officer, Chulalongkorn University, Head of Marketing Department Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University he said if COVID could mutate Consumers have also mutated. In marketing, there is a new interesting topic called customer churn, which is a new normal in consumer behavior in the short term that will affect logistics and supply chain businesses, which includes 4 behaviors:
No Touching Contactless shipping as the advent of Paper Less and Thailand Express Post. reduce the transfer of documents by touch

No Move Accustomed to staying at home, shopping, doing more transactions online. optimistic This will have a positive effect on the logistics business, but on the other hand, non-logistics companies are starting to compete, such as convenience stores that provide their own supply, for example, which could become a competitor tremendous for the logistics business.

No Sharing do not share anything for fear of hygiene In which logistics companies can explain, do not share, to add value to their services.

No Premium Focus more on cost savings, charge additions, special options for reduced shipping. cause price competition

“Whenever it’s a play with the odds or a price war. War means hurting everyone. As an academic, you have to remind people in the industry that they don’t play games. You have to think a lot about the price, you can reduce it, others can reduce it. In the end, it hurts everyone. When customers don’t buy premium, you have to cut costs that shouldn’t be cut. Don’t give what the customer doesn’t want and isn’t willing to pay for.

Assistant Professor Dr Ake continued that next year there will be an announcement of Marketing 6.0 or Meta Marketing, which means marketing in the metaverse Transport companies will have to do their homework to adapt if they will market or provide services in the world How can the metaverse be? because doing business in one world He also advises entrepreneurs to consider the issue of adaptation This means that operators convert customers to friends or from customers to friends for when operators make mistakes. Customers will still understand. Including using a demand perspective rather than a supply chain perspective, that is, knowing what customers want most. To adapt to the competition and the drastic changes that are happening today

Those interested can watch the discussion. “CUGS Special Conversations Ep. 7 on “Beyond Digital Supply Chain in the New Normal” Go back on Facebook: Gradschoolchula and YouTube: gradchula or Facebook: Chulalongkorn University.

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