Chulalongkorn University complains about dishonesty elections The plaintiff is responsible insists that the law does not keep crying

Chulalongkorn University complains about dishonesty elections The plaintiff is responsible If found to be bullying Confirmed that the law does not keep complaining

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Date 30 May 65 Assoc. Prof. Siriphan Noksuan Sawasdee Lecturer, Department of Governance, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University Post messages via facebook Siripan Nogsuan Sawasdee It said people complained that elections were dishonest, fair or unlawful. Must be responsible for their own complaints as well. The law doesn’t let you cry constantly.

If found to be bullying In order to prevent the election results from being announced, they are punished by imprisonment of 5-10 years, a fine of 1-2 hundred thousand, and the court shall order the revocation of their right to vote for 20 years (Article 118, paragraph 2 of the Election of Local Council Members or Executives Act). local 2019)

by Ajarn Siriphan He also commented on certifying election results, saying that giving the Election Commission a 60-day period to certify the results of the MPs and 30 days for the Bangkok governor-election is unnecessary. Such a long time frame law should be revised if it is not found that the total number of votes is incorrectly counted. should be announced immediately Complaints can be investigated later.

Election to fix Laksi, Chatuchak earlier this year. The Election Commission took almost 60 days to certify Khun Surachat Thienthong, hoping that after tomorrow’s meeting (30 May), the Election Commission will announce the results to give people relief.

deferral of results by referring to the framework prescribed by law causing a vacuum in the administration causing people to worry that their own voice might be carried away and cause people to lose faith Confidence in the work of the Election Commission People are excited about the election results. Still have to wonder whether the Election Commission will use fair power or not.

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