Chun didn’t sit up. The old Chinese man touched the child’s head against the wall. before getting off the train Unsurvived, CCTV captures clear images

Amazed the whole procession An old man in China hit a boy’s head against the wall of the electric train Chun refused to sit up. The police kept up and still claimed they didn’t. but CCTV did not survive capturing clear images

According to reports, while walking inside a subway train in Taipei City, Taiwan, an elderly man entered the car and found a 12-year-old boy sitting in a “priority seat” near the door. So he went in and told the boy to give up his seat. But the boy insisted on sitting with his mother. and when he saw that there were many empty seats in the procession, the boy’s mother politely asked the old man to take another seat. and he agreed to follow that advice.

But then something unexpected happened. When the subway reaches Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Station The old man stood up and was leaving the procession when he reached his destination. But before getting out of the car, he deliberately walked towards the boy. Reaching out, he grabbed the boy’s hair and pushed him hard against the wall of the electric train. Before the old man immediately walked away, amidst the shock of the onlookers, when he came to his senses, the boy’s mother hurried down and immediately reported the matter to the police.

Police officers are examining CCTV evidence. Including information on entering – exiting the subway station. Before identifying the suspect, an old man surnamed Mei, however, he admitted that he actually used the subway that day. but he denied that he was the person in the surveillance camera Then he questioned the officer and proceeded in accordance with the law. Which, after the latest investigation, on November 18, the past Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office found that That old man actually committed a crime. along with notifying the prosecution for offending the public

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