Chungcheongbuk-do Cloudy and sometimes snowy… 2 to 5 degrees during the day

(Cheongju = Yonhap News) Reporter Jeon Chang-hae = On Sunday, the 29th, there are many clouds in Chungbuk, and there will be places where it sometimes snows.

snow street

[연합뉴스 자료사진]

The snow is expected to be less than 1 cm.

As of 5 am on this day, the temperature is -6.2 degrees in Cheongju, -10.5 degrees in Chungju, -12.0 degrees in Jecheon, -10.5 degrees in Jincheon, -8.0 degrees in Okcheon, and -6.0 degrees in Chupungnyeong.

The maximum temperature during the day will rise by 2 to 5 degrees, and the cold will ease somewhat.

The Cheongju Weather Bureau said, “The daytime temperature will improve to the zero range, but the wind is blowing strongly and the perceived temperature is still low, so you should pay attention to health care.”

The National Institute for Environmental Research predicted the concentration of fine dust in the Chungbuk area at a ‘normal’ level that day.

※ This article was produced in collaboration with NCSoft’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) artificial intelligence technology. Based on the draft written by artificial intelligence and data from the Korea Meteorological Administration, the reporter completed the final article and went through desks.

The weather forecast of the Korea Meteorological Administration, which is the original data of the article, can also be checked on the website ( ).

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