Chungcheongnam-do, emergency call for all workers in Hongseong, Chungcheongnam-do ‘Large Forest Fire’

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[홍성=뉴스핌] Reporter Oh Jong-won = While fireworks broke out in Jung-ri, Seobu-myeon, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do on the 2nd, Governor Kim Tae-heum, head of the Chungcheongnam-do Disaster and Security Countermeasures Headquarters, ordered emergency call to all employees.

At 4:56 pm on the same day, the province sent a text message to all provincial office workers in the name of the head of the Disaster Countermeasures and Safety Headquarters in Chungcheongnam-do Province, asking them to gather immediately at the Seobu-myeon office in Hongseong-gun.

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[대전=뉴스핌] Reporter Youngkyun Oh = 2023.04.02

This emergency call was made as the third stage of the forest fire was announced at 1:20pm on the same day, struggling with evolution due to strong winds in dry weather.

Immediately after receiving the text message, the provincial staff gathered at Seobu-myeon’s office and are assigned to extinguish the forest fire under the order of the fire department.

The Hongseong forest fire started around 11am that day. As of 4:30 pm, 700 hectares were destroyed, and 6 houses, 1 barn, and 1 grain shrine were burned.

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[대전=뉴스핌] Reporter Youngkyun Oh = 2023.04.02

About 100 residents living near the site of the forest fire are moving to Seobu Elementary School and Seobu-myeon Nuri Center.

The province deployed a total of 17 helicopters to extinguish the forest fire, including one at 11:05 am right after the outbreak. The input equipment includes 12 fire fighting vehicles, 24 fire trucks, and 1 command vehicle.

A total of 1,649 people were put out, including 700 civil servants and 200 firefighters, not including provincial workers.

Hongseong-gun issued an order to dispatch all workers at 11:44 a.m. the previous day and sent evacuation text messages to residents near the forest fire.

At 2:40 pm, an evacuation broadcast was held for residents of Seobu-myeon and Gyeolseong-myeon.


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