Chunichi, 5 players including rookie are positive for new corona All are asymptomatic, team inspection revealed | Full-Count

On the 24th, 210 leaders and athletes were inspected, and 5 were found by re-examination.

On the 25th, Chunichi said that five players, Hiroto Mori, Kenshin Kakikoshi, 4th draft rookie Daisei Amiya, Yuya Gunji, and Ryota Ishioka infielder were positive for the new corona virus. Announced. Currently, all of them are asymptomatic, and they are treated at home according to the instructions of the health center.

On the 24th, a total of 210 people, including leaders, athletes, and staff, were tested for PCR. The five athletes were retested the following day on the 25th and received a positive test.

In the team, Dayan Viciedo infielder was found to be infected with the Omicron strain by a PCR test in Japan. However, the quarantine period has already ended and he has joined the team.

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