“Chuvit” opens the list of subordinates of “Inspector Sua” : PPTVHD36

“Chuwit” continues to expose online gambling website gangs, recently posted a list of subordinates of the gang “Inspector Sua

Mr Chuvit Kamolvisit, a former politician, posted on Facebook using the subject “Fake Foundation (fake) again”, revealing that the foundation is a group. The Ministry of Interior has inspected and found that “the foundation is not registered” and also questioned whether it is a foundation used for laundering or linked to money laundering or not.

In addition, Mr Chuwit also disclosed additional information about the group of subordinates of inspector Sua, called “Ruby-Golf-Ten-Tua”.

“Chuwit” is developing! Macao 888 pays 500 million tribute to the police

Lawyer confirms that “Benz Damon” returns to Thailand on February 16, ready to fight “Macao888” case

by various gaming websites ending with “Bet”, Inspector Sua did it with “Luke”, his best partner, and “Ruby” was a former junior student from the same school, while Golf Ten Tua was a “police gang .online gambling version

Mr. said Chuvit that it is now developing. I want to find a way to capture it. Because the inspector Sua would not be in trouble Hundreds of millions of pounds of deposits in London. I cannot eat many nations. But they were all taken from Thai people while wearing police uniforms.

Now, the gaming site reveals, making merit, making Kathina, and adding the name of the site “Paris Club 888” to make merit. Do not be afraid of 3 major agencies to prevent cyber.

Regarding the move of the Ministry of Interior, the latest eight-point star Facebook fan page reveals the image of a lawyer from the Department of Provincial Administration assigned by Mr. Suthipong Julcharoen, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior. As an agency that has the authority to register an establishment Went to report to the investigator at the Nang Loeng Police Station to prosecute the owner. The organization was the predecessor after finding that the application to establish the organization was not registered.

The other case is the Macau 888 gaming website, after the news that Maj Gen. Wiwat Khamchamnan, deputy head of the Technological Crimes Investigation Bureau. He will travel to Taiwan Request information with Dew Arisara as an information provider to be used in the case of the Macau 888 gaming website

Today, February 13, 2023, the news team tried to contact the deputy chief They found that the power was turned off. and when asking in front of the room it was reported that the deputy commander traveled to a foreign country for 3 days, which was set on February 13-15, and when the news team Inquiries to news sources It was confirmed that the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Embassy traveled to Taiwan With a group of researchers to meet Dew Arisara, the real part is going to ask for any information that cannot be said, but he is going to speak in all dimensions completely.

Regarding the movement on the side of Benz Damon, after February 10, 2023, the lawyer handed over the only Guinea Lamborghini in Thailand to the authorities, the lawyer Phisit Chutiphonpongchai, the lawyer of Benz, giving information that Benz will return to Thailand tomorrow, but being stuck at immigration will be in front of the police The Royal Thai Embassy will come to pick you up.

The lawyer revealed that At this time, Benz is usually under stress. but not too stressful Let’s follow the legal proof process. But with the news drama that went out O Dew giving news So it makes Benz look really bad. But will it really hurt Dew or not? Let’s wait for Benz to explain itself. because he confirmed that Benz also had evidence to argue with