“Chuvit” raised the case of “Inspector Sua”, reflecting the inequality in the bureaucratic system: PPTVHD36

Chuvit Kamolwisit, former politician Posts provide ongoing clues The case of “Inspector Sua” was raised recently reflecting the inequality in the bureaucratic system. Destroying the feelings of the police over 200,000

Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit, former politician. who came out to open the gray business Marking the message that “Gray Police Sua Distinguished” from removing the mask, people like “Inspector Sua” have a career as a police officer. But there are foreign businesses, including casinos, online casinos and setting up server centers. There are ten companies in the country. Rich expands on Inspector Sua’s non-stop work. They all use police service time to do it. If they claim to do it out of hours, there should be no time left to sleep. because beyond normal human There is also time to fly to Poipet, Singapore, London.
“Chuvit” has shared 10 “Inspector Sua” network business

“Chuwit” is developing! Macao 888 pays 500 million tribute to the police

In the post, Mr Chuwit also said as well as using the rank of the police as a mask Getting a salary from taxes, people are still using the government’s time to expand the gray business. Even going to buy a “massage parlour” from Mr. Kamphol Victoria, accused of human trafficking cases, named “Copa Cabana” in the Ratchada area and changing the name to “Lalisa” by using his subordinates to hold shares in instead of that. If you pass the exam, you’ll know it’s a “Nominee”, even if you quickly change your name after a famous story.

A force of 200,000 than Mr. How would you feel to be a professional police officer? with working on a hard back curl This is a system.inequality overlap” in today’s bureaucratic society

Like “General Mon.” Creates a strict image online gambling reorganization After finding the way, a policy was set to pay 50,000 baht for small, medium 100,000 baht, and large 200,000 baht per month until online gambling flourishes. few arrest numbers Can confiscate a few In addition, eat in the air or online gambling Still follow to eat in the sea, that is, illegal oil as well

As for the new generation of police, children choose to make a career of “online gambling”, drive a supercar with money and rank as “Macau 888”.

“Chuwit” beat 8 years of failed reforms Free the police as thieves

“Chuvit” reveals the process of collapsing the Lobbying case to clear a “prosecutor” even though he is in prison

Unfold again, launching a bunch of subordinates”Sarawatsua”

Later, Mr. Chuwit more Introducing the gang of subordinates of inspector Sua “Ruby-Golf-Ten-Tua”, noting that some of the sites are thousands of sites that end in “Bet” and others, all Inspector Sua, all working with “Luke”, a close partner.

A line boy follows another Sua inspector named “Ruby” (alumni from the same school) that even the sheriff’s police have retreated because they meet stumps and there are thousands of other clients, without including Golf Ten. Tuo, another police gang “, online gambling model”

Mr. said Chuvit that it is now developing. I want to find a way to capture it. Because the inspector Sua would not be in trouble Hundreds of millions of pounds of deposits in London. I cannot eat many nations. But they were all taken from Thai people while wearing police uniforms.

Now, the gaming site reveals, making merit, making Kathina, and adding the name of the site “Paris Club 888” to make merit. Do not be afraid of 3 major agencies to prevent cyber.

For the case, former senior police officers who have retired from the civil service called Ond Chuwit Mr Heb did not answer the phone call, believing that the former senior police officer wished to act as an intermediary for General Mon, what he wished Mr Having confirmed that there will be no conversation with General Mon.