“Chuvit” reveals the khaki industry with “Du Hao” involved, confident that the case will definitely be dropped.

Mr Chuwit published an exposé of a transnational organized crime syndicate linked to “Du Hao”, a gray Chinese capitalist. There is a khaki ring involved. Confident that the case will certainly be dropped because the evidence has already been destroyed

Today (Dec. 14) at the Davis Conner Wing Hotel, Sukhumvit 24, Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit, a famous former politician Bring a bucket of bleach to show and announce the disclosure of transnational organized crime related to the case of “Du Hao”, a Chinese venture capitalist who does gray business in Thailand, stating that this incident will be the last war he will do as one. a citizen therefore having to demolish the table ready to present himself as a witness in this case to identify clues and to inquire about all matters Mr. Du Hao directly and indirectly involved in crimes inside and outside the Kingdom The Chinese Tao Group is a transnational criminal organization. Both take the form of ghost foundations, illicit liaisons and drug trafficking. Including Jin Ling Inn In this case, the police have charged Du Hao with 3 counts of drug-related crimes. But there was no charge of money laundering, so he was confident that the case would be dropped by prosecuting Du Hao. because there is no evidence to prove that Mr. Du Hao at the Jinling inn. drug related because the evidence had already been destroyed

Mr Chuwit also criticized the work of the London Police Commissioner. Starting on the day of the event, travel to Jinling Inn. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner refused to interpret that. The scene is a service facility. or a combination despite the fact that many drugs are clear evidence They also released people who did not find drugs. and refused to keep the mobile phone which is important evidence Drug tourists, workers or others will not be questioned, and it is believed that witnesses have reversed their evidence in court.

In addition, Mr Chuvit opened a strategy to help the escape of David Haw, who produced drugs for the arrested network. By referring to 2 policemen who rode a motorcycle to release them in the middle of the road making it possible to get on a plane to flee the country with Lan Du Hao instead of taking them to the Immigration Office (Immigration Office ) to keep them according to the procedure Where there is no closed circuit investigation, gathering evidence He also found the deputy chief of police who released 4 luxury cars, which Mr. Chuwit information that drugs and cash were in the back of the car When the car was returned, it was completely destroyed. Including Mr. Du Hao’s plane. discovered that there was a process of removing the story for a long time until the evidence was destroyed

litigation department It was found that a police officer who was about to retire was looking after the case file. believe the gap The rhetoric and the witnesses are weak and still want the NACC or ECT to investigate and confiscate the 3 million baht donation that Mr Tu Hao gave Donate to the government political party

In addition, it exposes the surrogacy movement to buy a father or rent a father to pay for 7 years in order to get a Thai nationality card, found in the provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, where Chinese husbands and wives buy nationality from father from Thailand. who is a nominee. for prenatal care in a private hospital so that the child can be born with Thai nationality Then, at the age of 7, the child will make an identity card. So that Chinese parents can buy houses and property. by claiming to be able to buy for children Then, at the age of 13, able to set up a company. holds 51% of the Company’s shares, buys land and other rights that foreign companies cannot do consider a long-term plan more than buying Thai stocks

Prepare to complain to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to investigate police officers involved in aiding the China Gray Movement. And this Friday, December 16, he will question the Police Commissioner about the Police Commissioner’s investigation and conspiracy charges related to drugs. including money laundering costs

Regarding the case, Pol Gen said. Surachet Hak Pal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, that he is waiting for a financial route from the bank. Reporting money laundering charges It is unknown. because he still has information and is used to bring a financial path to give As for the DSI who takes this case as a special case, Mr. Chuwit is confident that he will do better than the police.