Chuwit again reveals that China Tao capitalists use nominees with wage rates

Chuwit again reveals that China Tao capitalists use nominees with wage rates

On November 30, Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit, a former politician A private post on Facebook states that China Tao Capital and Nominees The details are as follows: The work of the “Chinese mafia” must always have “nominees” as representatives.

Mr. Du Hao has Mrs. Patcharin, Mr. Tony the young master, Mr. Lin Long, uses military uniforms to display loudly. Participating in illegal associations, taking pictures with government officials All of them use a variety of illegal methods. con the Chinese people together using Thailand as the “hub”

These Taoists would not be able to do this. If the country has a strong bureaucracy that cannot afford to clear corruption, like Singapore, they do not dare to enter, but Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Thailand and Tao China will be rampant. Set up online gambling gangs, call centres, casinos, pubs, bars and drugs.

When the money comes, laundered The police went to arrest and expand the result, find luxury houses from 50 million to hundreds of millions. buy together in the village Or buy a luxury condo with cash Thai people became a minority in the community. Chinese Tao is going through the process of money laundering, for example, Mr. Du Hao owns hundreds of plots of land in Bangkok, Phuket, expanding his business with the help of former top police officers, called Por and Co. because they are in the same jar some get wind shares some get a share

Some groups of China Tao use the method of “renting” nominees through the help of some law firms. that is difficult with chinese people especially with the following rates

1. Registration fee for joint venture company in Thailand 35,000 baht

2. Government Fee 6,500 baht

3. Fee for drafting and registering the Articles of Association 15,000 baht

4. Fee for transfer of movable shares (Allowing Thai nominees to transfer movable shares to prevent debt) 15,000 baht

5. “Nomination rent” 40,000 baht per person / year

These rates are not transparent. See Chinese documents in the comments.

Jean Tao’s story and the evidence will be held in a press conference this week to “update” the society to know which government agencies “pretend to close your eyes” to help benefit Tomorrow will bring the Du Hao’s most prominent “financial trail” documents I just pulled fresh financial data from the “cloud” system, I would like to send it to the chief police chief and the two deputies

I will not pretend to be confused, to behave suspiciously like the Narcotics Control Board after I revealed that the “advisors” are tied together like eggs of a son-in-law.

The Minister of the Ministry of Justice Somsak Thepsutin has a silly story about the ONCB agency acting seriously when inspecting a plane. But sticking only 3 pages of paper, having to ask the Deputy Commissioner of Police, both to check again

To be honest, I’m afraid I’ll lose my stuff, Minister.

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