“Chuwit” burns chili, salt, curses after being accused of exposing Chinese capital behind it : PPTVHD36

3:45 pm Mr. Chuwit Kamolvisit performing a salt and pepper burning ceremony. to curse those who see coming out to reveal their information someone behind which Mr Chuwit confirmed that the disclosure of information about the Chinese gray capital this time is to want to protect the country and no one is behind

Which, before burning chili and salt, Mr. Chuvit revealed additional information about the Chinese capitalist gray group that After receiving Mr. information. Du Hao from an important witness who was a former acquaintance. Therefore, there is a lot of information about this business group. And he will gradually give it to the police to continue to investigate Especially the nominees found that Mr Du Hao had used the name Mrs. Patcharin, a Thai person, to operate instead. And there is evidence of the purchase of land worth more than 400 million baht in 2020 that Mrs Patcharin is the operator instead. Including evidence of money transfers between Mr. Du Hao and Mrs. Patcharin, 3-5 million baht each time, many times, if Mr. Du Hao is doing a legitimate business, why would he have to use a nominee to hold Property and financial path

In addition, it was found that issuing visas for Chinese people to come to Thailand There is information that these Chinese investors bought Thai language schools for Chinese people. and certify your stay in Thailand as a student Make it possible to go on a visa all the time And there is also a picture of Mr. Lin Long, former advisor to the Thai Merchants Association. who took part in taking pictures with many government officials and pretending to be dressed as a soldier This is another way of claiming that he is influential to the Chinese community. And secretly set up many more associations to make it credible

Mr. Chuvit Youngtang took photos of the construction of a large house in the middle of a valley in one province. who got that information Money from foreign drug enforcement agencies has been used to support the Narcotics Authority of Thailand. and use the money to build a house in the middle of the forest Similar to the case of the previous construction of the prosecutor’s residence in Chiang Mai. But the details have not been revealed yet.

Along with questioning the Office of the Narcotics Control Board or ONCB, which is the agency that has the power to inspect and freeze property in drug related cases so he did not search in the private plane that was seized There is only a visit to confiscate. who may have some important information or evidence in the case (on 1 December 2022)

PPTV PHOTO #Thaweechai Chanthawong

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