“Chuwit” contradicts “Uncle Tu” stating that the past year was a year of defeat. can’t step over “Emergency for Emergency”

“Chuvit” hit the past year as “Thai society’s defeat year”, failed to surpass “Crisis in a crisis” The most obvious defeat is to prevent corruption. which is the government’s main policy Unable to rely on justice from the police establishment. Officials claim the benefits of Freeing China’s gray capital to invade Thailand Ding “Uncle Tu” if he wishes to remain in power. Don’t float above the lofty problems of Chinese gray capital. which spreads throughout Thailand

Today (January 1, 2023), Mr. Chuwit Kamolvisit, a former politician posted a clip of New Year’s greetings on a private Facebook page saying, Dear Thai people, brothers and sisters. On the occasion of Supawara New Year 2023, I would like to send my remembrance and best wishes to all my dear Thai brothers and sisters

In the last year 2022, I was considering

“Thai Society’s Defeat Year”

uncrossable “Crisis for Crisis”

We have seen the failure of government agencies. that has a huge impact on Thai society

We cannot rely on justice from the police establishment.

each unit each has interests or fear of revealing the truth

The most obvious obstacle is preventing pollution. which is the government’s main policy

We have seen calls for benefits. of high ranking government officials

Weakness, Defeat of the State System, After the Chinese Mafia

that shows influence over the legal force of the country

reflects the indifference of the country’s leaders affecting society, the economy and security

We have seen immigration police opening doors to their homes. allowing gray Chinese capital to invade Thailand

Shows the influence of the mafia With close connection to government officials, let the police to AMLO

During the last 8 years the Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha Thai people are aware of his administration.

It is considered an indicator of elections. which the public must vote for

If you want to stay in power It’s something you have to show sincerity in solving problems.

not floating above the problem and indifferent to the arrogance of China’s gray capital spreading throughout Thailand

your existence inevitably affects the well-being of all Thai brothers and sisters

I strongly believe that If you are not dealing with Chinese gray capital problems

Thailand will become a cutting machine. unable to drive the economy

Instead, it will turn Thailand into a hot spot for drugs. which attacks at every moment

especially online Gambling, call centers and other forms of crime from such gray Chinese capital

which is the result of an unclear policy level

reflects the insincerity of the government

and destabilize the confidence of Thai society

If we can’t get past this by the expression of the government show the sincerity to the police and civil servants to comply with the law quickly and without delay

On this occasion, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Thai people. and water police

want to join send me information In Chinese Tao or Du Hao

Made me reveal the truth that is terrifying, depressing, and still stuck with various obstacles. from the state officials themselves

If I get cooperation cause all benefits fall on Thai society in order to protect and live happily

On the occasion of the new year 2023

I would like to invite Phra Sri Rattanatrai and all the sacred powers that you respect Please bless all the dear Thai people to be victorious. in the battle against the Chinese capital of Tao

I promise you that This is a teaching war. We are a strong society.

get immunity from the people themselves without any help from government officials and the police

We must rely on and stand on our own.

However, we have not given up.

It is my promise from a people who love justice a libertarian who adheres to democracy

Finally, I would like the UK Prime Minister to understand the changing Thai social context.

If you have changed yourself towards the end of your tenure

People like me would be happy to give you another chance.

If not, I, on behalf of the Thai people who has no power, has no position

to exercise the right to injustice By opposing you in the agenda of the next election in the near future

News “Uncle Tu” announces victory over the year 2022, moving through the crisis overlay crisis