Chuwit Dumb has arrived, celebrity lover, cheating millionaire, online gambling network Netizens speculate

It is called hot and cold, let’s go together, both gray Chinese business gray police and online gambling sites because Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit, former famous politician Pursuing, developing, closing accounts for many people

And most recently, Mr Chuwit posted a personal Facebook page. “Chuvit Kamolwisit” Note the message that Online gambling network, famous “H” fans

The novel “Fake Millionaire Man and a Beautiful Female Star” in front of the scene is a successful young man who lives in a luxury 2-story condo, at a price of over 200 million, the biggest house in a luxury village. The top price of one hundred million Drive a red Ferrari following the lifestyle of a rich young man. This kind of specifications are preferred by some actresses as they grow older every day. A new wave is chasing the old wave. which is the nature of the star industry It will decorate even if you have to find it well, not all types can be grade A Only get grade B. That’s enough.

So the female actress, half Thai Khaek, chooses “M”, a young man who has been involved in a football betting website with a young man of the same age called “Joke”, who has been have been making football bets together for a while. There is a team of young people “Oat” and 2 other young people “Aum” who look after finances, “Tai” is the administrator to look after the back of the house, and “Little Green Tat” is a programmer. All of them are living the lives of young people in their dreams. you don’t have to work hard Get money to pay Wufu Travel abroad, stay in a luxury hotel, life on the outside looks good. But there are no guarantees because it is a gaming site.

Arriving one day “The feast will soon be over.” A joke separated itself, smaller but independent. As for the people who gobble up business, it is “M” stuck in the upper wind, which has an inventive background. Used to work under “Eddie” Phannarong Khunpitak, who had an arrest warrant for drug charges. escape with the family Together with his subordinates Pete (Warit) and Khai Omelet (Komsan), Eddie has a condo in England. get a house in Cambodia because it is close to Thailand Who comes to find it easily and there are many houses, land, property hidden in Thailand.

As for “M”, he knows how to plan his life. create your own story but not far behind because there is no original profitable business Meet a mixed-race actress who is in the industry in Chong Noi Si So, it’s about creating the profile that most closely matches’ the cover. “A successful young man With a beautiful actress” is similar to one of the final scenes of a romantic novel.

But stop, in real life that’s not true. When God still gives justice to a rotten and unequal society send someone like me to “Take off the mask” who is not as it seems I still have testimony of this group of people. And many other groups, wait and follow the football betting industry until it comes to the online gambling industry. which I distribute with working capital and take advantage of society by not paying illegal Business taxes

while other young men get a salary according to education AND 30,000 baht of experience, you must pay taxes, salary, income, insurance premiums, food, travel expenses, rent, various installments, and have a wife to work with a salary of 20,000 baht, a total of 50,000 baht. the life of a normal person living in the midst of a society of greed. You can only dream of buying a small car, having a small townhouse in the suburbs, having another young child, no tuition fees, no alimony, no savings. and if there are aging parents to raise them The more you go.

It’s not a bedtime story. But this is the true story of today’s stubborn society. A life we ​​have to endure, fight, find a way, but it is a way of a beautiful reality.

Let’s encourage everyone. who fights in real life, not fantasy novels like online gambling for it is near the end