“Chuwit” goes to court to investigate the case against “Santana”, a former police officer from the Special Branch. Defamation – reporting falsehoods

“Chuwit” goes to court to investigate the case against “Santana”, a former police officer from the Special Branch. Defamation by advertising – false statements 100 million damages

At 1:30 pm today (February 6) at the Criminal Court on Ratchadaphisek Road The court organized a preliminary hearing against Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisit, former politician and former massage parlor owner. who filed legal proceedings against Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, a former police officer of the Special Branch, as a defendant in the crime of making a false report He demanded defamation of 100 million baht for claiming that Ram Hotel, the son of Mr. Chuwit There was a combination of taking drugs.

For this case, Mr. Chuwit, along with Mr. Ananchai Chaiyadej, a lawyer filed a lawsuit against Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat on November 22, 2022 for reporting false statements. relating to crimes that have not been committed, creating false evidence and libel through advertising

It is also filed as a civil lawsuit in connection with a criminal case. There are claims for compensation in the amount of 100 million baht from the case that Mr. Santhana It is alleged that The Davis Hotel Conner Wing, Soi Sukhumvit 24, Khlong Tan Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District, son of Mr Chuvit It is a gathering place for tourists to take drugs. False evidence was created by secretly filming and taking video clips to report to the police at Thonglor Police Station, such evidence is still unclear. As a result, the reputation of the hotel and Mr. Chuvit. therefore filing a lawsuit against Mr. Santhana with Tontrakul Co, Ltd as the 1st plaintiff and Mr Chuwit as the 2nd plaintiff.

Today, Mr. Chuvit Come to court with Mr. Ananchai Chaiyadej, a lawyer.

Mr. Anantachai Chaiyadej, Mr. Chuvit’s lawyer, said today an appointment for a preliminary hearing. In the case of Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, she filed a complaint and brought a video clip in the bathroom of Davis Hotel saying that there were people inside sharing drugs. And within that day, the police were brought in to check if it was true or not. It later emerged that the news was presented for an interview. And he gave news that Mr. Chuvit Davis’s hotel has a plot to use drugs This means, if true, the hotel may be closed. cause damage to Mr. Chuwit And it showed that, after a search with summons, the person accused of conspiracy had found no purple bag. The charge of over-exposure is not true. Therefore, we are in the sense that Mr. Chuvit is a former director and shareholder of Davis Hotel. The actions of Mr. Santhana harm to Mr. Chuwit. We have filed a lawsuit since November 2022 and today is the preliminary hearing. we are ready to go to court Where this case is a civil case related to a criminal case for breaching sections 420 and 423, if the court has a preliminary case, then there will be a civil process.

Mr said. You know that some people have to compensate merit, a grudge has to be paid. He would like to adhere to the justice process. Mr. will not have to Santhana deal with anyone like this again. Let them know that Thailand has laws and that Mr. Santhana is a policeman who will go on a trip and walk in to order the police to come and inspect. Although he was actually dismissed from government service, he did not understand what Mr. Santhana. Therefore, he had to rely on Mr Anantachai as a lawyer to rely on the Court of Justice, and if he did not do that, others would be victimized by Mr. Santhana through this process.

When asked if he was worried or not to face Since Mr. Santhana also came to attend this hearing, said Mr. That chuckled and laughed The whole hand trembled. The legs also tremble. But here in court

Mr said. Santhana Prayoonrat that today the court is supposed to investigate the preliminary complaint. He will come to listen to the hearing, he makes several statements with 111 documents to accompany the plaintiff’s investigation. I understand the presentation of groups of people. and a group of lawyers when using the nam method But it has no effect on him and he believes that the evidence will be presented to the court with clips and pictures. Including prosecuting not only 2-3 people, but a bunch of discredited lawyers
without considering the interests of society They must ask the court to take the time to bring witnesses to describe the life of the civil service and the experience of seeing the weapons of the trade and the erotic trade and they will submit to some news stories who are not satisfied with themselves. and become partners with sex traffickers In the past, in politics, it has been a target since the sport. He lives today because he fights, accusing him of being involved with China Tao. although government officials sent information Until he became a hero, although the information came from government officials who saw each other’s legs Send information to this person to use the style of action against him. He has served in government for over 20 years with the intention of making people who use the power of the state unhappy. Today, the data has been put on a flash drive for the court. that he can use the Power software if the Court of Justice says there is merit to the case. in defamation cases I want you to think he has already sued How dare he bring false stories to court? Confirm they are at the actual event.

Mr. Santhana went on to ask to be confident in this case that he had never bullied anyone. but he made a mistake After this, he wanted to help a candidate from a political party campaign. If his party became the government, he would ask to help oversee the Royal Thai Police. or the Ministry of Justice Nowadays, the police give up and let this person go and catch the criminal instead.

Later, Mr Chuvit said that the court had completed the examination of himself as a witness for the prosecution and asked to send the clip as additional evidence. The defendant’s lawyer filed a request to review the clip. The case therefore adjourned to the preliminary investigation again on March 27 at 9:30 am

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