“Chuwit” Reveals 3 Phone Numbers Linked To Du Hao Before The Former Star Was Dropped To Jail

“Chuwit” reveals the arrest of a former celebrity related to the Du Hao case because her husband Jam Aum PSV, who was recently arrested, was the one who cleared the matter online. To clear with the AMLO they found 3 phone numbers linked to Du Hao. Let’s make an appointment to clear before we get dumped in jail. Emphasize time for executives. AMLO until the end of this year “Resigned, Yok Krabi,” otherwise part 2 will be open after the new year, the whole board is broken.

On December 16, 2022, Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisit, former politician, Facebook post about the case of Chinese capitalists doing gray business, stating that the AMLO stands for “prevent, prevent, money laundering”
But I think it is more costly to appease “P” with money.

The police, prosecutors, the NCB, the DSI worked together before the darkness and stressed about Du Hao. Because we are watched by society But no agency that cools down, disappears, appears, the police call 2-3 times, then operate invisibly.

The AMLO has long been a twilight zone. Never seen before the case, “Du Hao” kept a duck and avoided.

The chairman of the “Por” who is a “former secretary” seizes the 3rd floor office, allowing the “Gang Jean Tao” to walk up and down the parade. connect Chinese gray-Thai gray together with joy

Because the leader of the Chinese Tao Gang “Du Hao” lived as the second home until the children gossiped and named it in their honor. “Duhao meeting room.”

Carrying a bag, hungry for wine, going to sit and sip and socialize with someone you don’t know. until the officers are uncomfortable

Someone has cleared up a lot of “long” abbreviations!! Invitation to coordinate the event

Regarding “Online”, the person who clears the name “Aum PSV” in the “Pretty” group, is waiting for the mat, how much will it take?

If the police can be cleared, it will end here Black rhetoric or pretending to close your eyes does not widen the financial path.

May the money reach “Por” successfully

The latter is hungry for heavy money, known as the main 100 million.

just hit today “Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapob Puridet” arrested with cash, assets of 700 million

Rich, the size of a luxury watch, 20 million each The fire in a luxury hotel has not been felt in the past. as the turnover is close to ten thousand millions

I finished the press conference and was arrested as soon as I did a story. Also, the court will not grant bail. Being sent to prison, both husband and wife

There are still fake Chinese “Somsak Sae Ma” or Ai Ma (Somsak Sae Bae) wearing a fake ID card.

with a “P.” There is a person with the abbreviation “K.” as an assistant, the position of taking the elevator up to 4 floors in a year. Because receiving as a hand to collect

And another assistant in “God” Rocket calls Phi Enwebai, the heir of “Por” who refuses to go anywhere.

I will sit and let the roots grow. Even as president, he still hasn’t done anything substantial. A couple of months came to a ceremonial meeting.

But using the old office as a table for discussing money gray that cannot be washed not using haiter

Counted as Thai-Chinese brothers and sisters, true reconciliation.

All cases are sent to you “Por.”

He was chattering that In the office, the CCTV has been removed.

If anyone doesn’t believe this, try connecting 3 mobile phone numbers to see what discussions are made with Du Hao’s number.

The first person “Por.” 095-992-XXXX

Another person called “Paint Colors” 087-519-XXXX

Or check with a person named Yao Yao 095-564-XXXX

And see if the old Du Hao number 061-195-6499 has called to connect? With whom?

Before going to jail, let’s make an appointment just to clear this up. The commander had to divide into many places, there were many divisions.

I heard that “Por” behaved badly when he was in Thailand.

But where can I get a house in Japan who has transferred all his assets pending retirement? and he left the heir of “the god” as a nominee to continue power because it was not enough

Eating without stopping, eating sloppy, eating without knowing the time

The party will have a day off. A lot of money has gone already separated because there is so much evidence

If you do not cancel the documents to the NACC.

instead of working for the land Back to bleaching myself, very bad.

Please do not let me develop this matter. learn what is what I will break the whole table

And don’t say Chuwit didn’t warn.

Give it until the end of this year. “Resign and raise the Krabi”

Otherwise, part 2 will be after the new year.

This is just a sample movie. The front part is much more brutal.

Chuvit posted at the end that a sticker from the National Police Station called “Por” was stuck in front of the car of Chinese Tao “Lin Long” driving into the door. The fort police acted to pay respect and Jean Tao’s Wanta Yahand was disbanded. Look at it, it’s outrageous. It really does everything. Think and make a piti instead