“Chuwit” reveals the khaki industry. There is a picture that leads to escape. Be confident that “Du Hao” will survive.

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“Chuwit” confirmed that “Du Hao Network” is a transnational organized crime group, revealing evidence that the police sent him on the plane, carrying evidence, flew out of the country in exchange for 10 million, although it should have been has been under immigration control.

Mr. “Chuvit” Kamonwisit opened the case statement Black Hao revealing clear information of the accused’s conduct It is a transnational criminal organisation. Before starting to make a statement, Mr Chuwit brought the bleach to show it, noting that it was an important issue today and he also said that today he was stuck with the needle of justice. and appear as citizens to open discussions without any trust in government officials And he got a lot of evidence from the bile police

Mr. Chuwit said that the China Tao group Black Hao which came to destroy Thai society It is considered a transnational criminal organization. The Jin Ling Inn is only a small part. only a part is going to destroy this pub That’s the starting point that exploded to reveal other parts. participate in this transnational organized crime

Therefore, Mr. Du Hao must be prosecuted. Especially on money laundering conspiracy charges. in order to be able to check the financial trail leading to a transnational organized crime case But now the police are not prosecuting Du Hao for money laundering charges. Claims to have prosecuted up to 3 drug-related charges, which are serious charges, but he thinks It’s an ant to cover an elephant and is confident that Mr. Du Hao will be out of a drug case. because the evidence was destroyed to tie yourself up

Mr. “Chuvit” questioning the work said Lt Gen. Tothiti Saengsaeng, head of the Metropolitan Police (Commissioner of Criminal Investigations) that he was reckless and negligent. Black Hao was it not from the raid on the Jinling pub that drugs were found along with a group of 265 Chinese people, including those who failed urine tests and found drugs

Why can’t you see that It’s a place full of drugs. It’s not just unlicensed establishments. The police should arrest all 265 people to check their cell phones, find out the origin of this place. But the police released the man whose urine test found no drugs. Including releasing Thai people who are waitresses No one was asked.

Mr Chuwit also showed the arrest record. said the police He is the keeper of the Jinling pub. by saying such a person He is only a security officer, not a caretaker. who caught the police and turned him into a scapegoat for setting up a place of service without permission and soon released this person. and were brought back as witnesses in the case

In this case, Mae considered a tainted witness because he had been an accuser before. There was no coercion or bargaining.

Mr. “Chuvit” It also mentions two investigators at the Yannawa Police Station who took the lead in this story, Mr David Haw and his nephew. Black Hao Mr. escaped. David as the person who brought all the drugs to sell at the Jinling pub. by obtaining evidence It is a photo from a surveillance camera. It shows that the two investigators drove a motorcycle to take Mr.’s nephew. David and Mr Du Hao to court and when they were both released on bail. The investigating officer took him on a motorcycle along the road.

before boarding a plane to escape the country despite the fact that they should be taken to the immigration office in accordance with legal procedures In this regard, he has information that the Deputy Superintendent of Police at Lat Phrao Police Station receives 10 million in a case. and split the money with the two researchers

Regarding the 35 luxury cars found at the scene, the Pol was asked. Col. Natthaphon Komintachat, one of the arrestees. Why can’t you see that Inside the car are drugs. and it has not been investigated to this day Claims that there are no car keys, as for the 4 cars that have been returned to the owners

He has information that there are drugs and cash inside the car. If you want to call the car back drugs and money probably no more Because all of Mr. Du Hao’s private jets have been used to escape. That’s because the police let it take a long time to check it out.

This is all transnational organized crime that has been silenced by the police, ex-policemen and also linked to a politician. by the police as a quote by making phrases weak so as not to lead to Mr.’s investigation. Du Hao to the financial path. because it is political money that comes from politicians to be laundered by opening a hotel business Mr. Du Hao had no way to earn more than 5 billion in 10 years.

So, when the police won’t do it, they will do it themselves by preparing to file a complaint with the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. questioned two investigating officers at Yannawa Police Station and the Pol. Col. Natthaphon with the issues mentioned above and will refer to the immigration office as well

Mr Chuwit said he would give the car to the police hospital this Friday. along with asking the National Police Commissioner or the Police Commissioner why the Police Commissioner works like this And why didn’t Mr. Du Hao conspire to launder money? he asked The chief police chief came out to break up this matter because he had no authority. Should come out and order this too

Mr Chuwit said the Chinese group planned by buying Thai stocks. And travel to open an account with a Thai broker, then transfer the purchased shares to the account and sell the shares. get bleached cash and use the money to buy real estate This method is a short term plan. But there is also a long term plan called the surrogacy movement. there was Mr. Chuwit had mentioned it in the previous press conference

By saying that the transfer of shares is considered a short-term plan But a long-term plan to assimilate Thailand is the surrogate father movement. by making it possible for foreigners to get Thai identity cards The Chinese husband and wife will use the method to get their wives pregnant. And he hired a Thai man to pretend to be the child’s father and go to the hospital Then the Chinese woman gave birth to a child and went on to report the birth. Obtain a birth certificate as a Thai national

At the age of 7, you can apply for a Thai identity card. Able to buy a house claiming the mother bought it for me and put it in the child’s name and at the age of 13 able to set up a company with 51% of the shares held by the company coming from Thai nationality. being able to buy real estate, land and other rights that foreign companies cannot do

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