Chuwit ridiculed “Macau 888”, died because of the mortal girl “Fat”, swelling new characters, more than 4 baht.

Chuvit mocked “Macau 888”, he died because of female killers, stating that Macao 888 is only size S because L size is “Inspector Sua”.

(February 9, 2023) Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit, former famous politician private facebook post “Chuvit Kamolwisit” At about 10:00 pm on November 8, the past said that

“Macao 888” died because of female murderers, not the police. Online gambling sites are booming. Huge income, there are many web products. Check out the web and see which gambling website is popular Macao 888 is a website with a turnover of 5,000 million. 4 families of brothers and sisters are involved. The first is called Benz (Dew’s ex-boyfriend), the second is Boss, Big Bright who is a policeman

But it seems that “Macau 888” of the 4 brothers was not arrested by the police, but was pushed to be hit by “Lady Death”, causing Dew to come out and reveal because he was attacked as a lover in front of family members After breaking up, holding grudges for 10 years, it’s still not too late. So the police had to move after Naree, chasing, chasing, pressing, despite knowing that they always received tribute. and pushed the time for the 4 brothers to escape

Recently, the police induced “Mind”, the son of an ex-general, a close friend of Benz, to manage the money to be laundered in the pubs. According to the organizer of the big musical event escape to hong kong now All received a sign from General “J” good to help with 500 million.

But the police or fight hard against Naree Dew When it’s not over, you have to chase until you catch him. return to see that “Hamblo online” made it so big There are owners like “policemen” as well as “gamblers” too There are many more herds. Lives like a hidden tick for food like this. The police organization therefore collapsed, even though there were 3 major agencies controlling cybercrime. Until someone can resign from the police force. Nary Dew had to leave the theatre.

But Macau 888 is only called S size, because L size is “superintendent Sua, who is better than the group”. Grow up with a turnover of ten billion Use the link “Sampran Phor Por Ror School” to contact General “Mon”, also an alumnus of the Phor Por Ror, and only use elite subordinates who are all graduates from Por Por Ror. to this day a police lieutenant colonel The two set up their own “cooperative”, opening ten companies before them, buying “La Lisa”, a massage parlor which is currently open, joining ” Kampon Victoria”, a human trafficking fugitive who has an arrest warrant, but has an appointment to eat with the former Commander-in-Chief of Police “S” in the middle of a hotel in the Ratchada district regularly Online gambling cops rely on uniform stains tough school Most of them are police officers from Royal Thai Police, train for only 3 months and come out with cadet rank.

Inspector Sua used to be Cyber ​​In hand to collect other gambling websites, sent to General “Monday” which, even today, is no longer cyber But it still eats scraps of money from online gambling , just a fraction of a month, can get tens of millions Because I know the channels used to pay each other.

Currently, Inspector Sua has moved to the Maintenance Transmission Division (Civil Works) Normally civil works make a living with buildings and construction work, but Sua makes a living in the air. (Online gambling) Put your name on it. (I know because I took a picture of the time book. Don’t write backwards. Forging official documents, the punishment is heavy) Successful formula Wear uniform, long hair, drive a super car Take the money and hit a boss the senior police officer. Inspector Sua’s personal slogan is “Know everything except work on duty.” going anywhere other than work All units of the Royal Thai Police need a spacer.”

If the police commander in chief stands out, he wants the police organization to improve. Dare to handle all The online police asked them to fire the basket, starting from “Inspector Sua”, only until next Monday. The police are in decline because of the police themselves.

I said here that “Don’t contact me. I do not receive any clearance. pay who has paid But if you don’t expel inspector Sua, who is a police officer and casino officer, another hundred thousand good police will be damaged Thai new year in April.

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