CIK ANNOUNCED FIRST ELECTION RESULTS: In one city, the situation is still quite uncertain

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/02/adnan_bijelic_srebrenik.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/02/adnan_bijelic_srebrenik.jpg”,”caption”:”NIP-ov kandidat za nau010delnika Srebrenika Adnan Bjeliu0107 (Foto: Facebook)”,”bg”:”262c3b”]

Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced the preliminary and incomplete results of early local elections.

After 95 percent of polling stations processed in Bihać, he is in the leading position Elvedin Sedic (PoMak) with 6,542 votes. He compared to the runner-up to Hamdi Abdić (SDA) for now, he leads by more than 2,000 votes.

Adnan Habibija is in third place with 3,801 votes so far. He is on the fourth Amarildo Mulićand on the fifth Damir Đugboth independent candidates.

There were two candidates in Srebrenik, 92.54 percent of the votes were processed and Troika candidate Adnan Bjelic leads with a 100 vote difference compared to SDA’s Nermin Tursic.

According to the data of the CEC, approximately 800 votes remain to be counted, but according to the party data, Adnan Bjelic is the winner. and the leader of NiP, Elmedin Konaković, declared his victory.

Zijad Lugavić (SDP) is in convincing first place in Tuzla with 11,055 votes, which is 3,8000 more votes than the second on the list of Mirnes Ajanović. 93.7 percent of polling stations were counted.

Omer Berbić from Our Party came in third by the number of votes, and independent candidates Derviš Čičko, Almir Arnaut and Halid Žigić also ran.

There was only one candidate in Zvornik, SNSD’s Bojan Ivanović, who won 15,293 votes out of a total of 53,830 voters in this city. All votes have been counted.

There were candidates in Bratunac Lazar Prodanović (SNSD) who won 5,057 votes after 96.97 percent of polling stations were counted. His against the candidate Srđan Rankić received 2,981 votes.

In Vogošća, the SDA man has been at the head of the municipality for many years, and judging by the counted 93.75 percent of the votes, it will remain so. Migdad Hasanović won 4,838 votes compared to his opponent from Troika, Adnan Šerak, who currently has 2,742 votes.

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