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CIMBT joins hands with Thai Life Assurance to penetrate automobile insurance market – Hoonsmart

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HoonSmart.com >> CIMBT Auto joins forces with Thai Life Insurance Penetrate the car loan insurance market Offering life insurance products to cover auto loan, CIMB THAI Auto Loan Protection

Mr. Wisit Puengsawan, Managing Director of CIMB Thai Auto Co., Ltd. said that the company is committed to taking care of our customers by selecting business partners at the national quality level. Cooperation with Thai Life Insurance Leading insurance company that understands Thai customers well. This will help CIMB Thai Auto to deliver good service to car leasing customers. Both under normal circumstances and in situations where the COVID-19 epidemic has not resolved. Company staff Continue to continue to provide services and do their best to take care of customers through all 40 branches nationwide.

Mr. Winyoo Chaiyawan, Senior Executive Vice President of Thai Life Assurance revealed that Thai Life Assurance operates a business aimed at being the answer to life or Life Solutions through the development of products and services that meet the needs of consumers comprehensively. Including working with potential business partners To expand channels to reach more consumers Recently, the company has joined with CIMB Thai Auto Company Limited, a comprehensive auto hire purchase service provider under the CIMB Thai Bank Group (CIMBT), to penetrate the auto loan insurance market. Offer life insurance products, car loan protection or CIMB THAI Auto Loan Protection.

“This cooperation This merges the strength of auto hire purchase professionals, namely CIMB, Thai Auto and Thai Life Assurance, as the leader in life insurance business. The development of the CIMB THAI Auto Loan Protection protection plan is a tool that helps to expand the market. Including building a solid guarantee for customers Especially in today’s changing situations And there are various uncertainties A lot happened, ”said Mr. Winyoo.

Special for customers who have CIMB Thai Auto loan contract and choose to purchase CIMB THAI Auto Loan Protection from Thai Life Insurance. Between June 1 – July 31, 2021, receive additional Covid-19 coverage from Thai life insurance for 6 months, covering medical expenses from Covid-19 infection in the amount of 10,000 baht. Coma will receive 200,000 baht coverage. Contact for more information at CIMB Thai Auto Company Limited, all branches nationwide or call 02-684-6500, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

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