Cinex Zone releases ‘Enermax PC’ for high-end users

PC Enermax

Cynex Zone (CEO Kim Kwang-il), the official importer of Enermax global PC component brand, has released ‘Enermax PC’, which includes various Enermax products.

Enermax PC includes a CPU cooler, power supply, and PC case among desktop PC components, all of Enermax’s popular products to optimize for users who need high specifications such as gaming and video editing. As a result, compatibility and stability with PC parts that are higher than other desktop computers can be expected.

Enermax PC offers products in various price ranges to meet the needs of consumers. EMG-004 is a representative gaming PC model, and includes specifications suitable for high-end games such as Intel 13th generation i5 processor, 32GB memory, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070. In addition, CPU coolers, power supplies , and PC cases all featuring the Enermax product line to provide optimal compatibility and stability.

Cinex Zone is hosting special events in various online marketplaces in line with the launch of Enermax PC. Starting with Tmon, you can meet discount events at Hi-Mart, 11th Street, Auction, and G Market.

Jang Seok-joo, director of Cinex Zone, said, “Enermax, which celebrates its 32nd anniversary this year, has accumulated knowledge of the best stability through long-term manufacturing experience in the PC component market. I am happy that these technologies can provide value to users with compatibility and stability integrated in one desktop computer,” he said. “We will continue to strive to introduce Enermax technology to users through various means.

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