Circle has warned that there are currently no new versions of the USDC coin. Don’t be fooled by Crooks.

Blockchain security company CertiK has reported a 170% increase in phishing attacks in Q2 compared to the first quarter.

Circle, the company behind the development of USDC, has warned of a phishing attack that tricked USDC users into transferring their coins to unsecured addresses.

Cylch CompanytweetThe attackers pretended to be members of Center, a company founded by exchanges Coinbase and Circle.


Circle Company Statement

Circle has tweeted that it is not issuing new versions of USDC and urges users not to be scammed.

Circle CEO and Founder Jeremy Allaire wrote a letter to the CFO. And he has called for clear regulation of stablecoins in the United States. He warned that failure to do so would expose domestic investors to greater risks.

a phishing attack

Phishing attacks have become quite common recently. The most recent phishing attack allowed access to the accounts of compromised exchanges Coinbase, MetaMask,, and Kucoin.

According to BleepingComputer, attackers are also using Microsoft Azure services to host phishing websites. And trick victims into using it by claiming to check suspicious transactions.

A fake video of former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has recently been created to scam users affected by the FTX bankruptcy.

In addition, blockchain security company Certik has reported that a group of professionals called “Know Your Customer” has been hired by blockchain developers and those who do not want to take advantage of crypto investors.
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