Circular丨Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Implementing Differentiated Housing Credit Policies and Optimizing the Supervision of Commercial Housing Pre-sale Funds

Financial News According to Nanfang Daily, on January 28, the Guangdong Provincial High Quality Development Conference was held. At the meeting, Zhang Yong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said at the meeting that we must do our best to stabilize the market’s expectations, adhere to the site where housing is for living . , not for speculation, and maintain the continuity and stability of various real estate policies. More efforts, more discounts, and lower costs will support a reasonable demand for housing correctly, strive to maintain a basic balance between real estate supply and demand, basically reasonable. structure, and essentially fixed prices, strictly controls speculation in real estate, and ensures stable land prices, house prices, and expectations.

Zhang Yong said that this year he will vigorously promote the use of housing. Implement differentiated housing credit policies according to cities, actively support rigid and better housing needs, and facilitate the use of housing for families with old-for-new, small-to-large, and families with multiple children. According to the regulations, implement the favorable policies of deed tax for the individual purchase of houses and individual income tax for the exchange of houses.

Zhang Yong said that all parts of Guangdong will improve the accuracy and coordination of real estate policies in accordance with market changes, and promote the gradual resolution of the debt risks of individual real estate companies, so as to effectively ensure the delivery of buildings and stabilize people’s livelihoods. . Lead real estate companies to change the “three peaks” development model of the past, act consistently, and achieve stable and healthy development.

Zhang Yong said that the supervision of commercial housing pre-sale funds should be optimized, and commercial banks should be supported to issue letters of guarantee to replace commercial housing pre-sale funds.It is also necessary to actively and constantly transform and upgrade, with the aim of ordinary people living in better housing, and promote the real estate market from solving the problem of “is there” commodity housing to solve the problem of “whether commodity housing is good or not”, from “living with a place to live” to “Having a living makeover”.

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