City of Baltimore Drops Lawsuit Over Pimlico

City of Baltimore Drops Lawsuit Over Pimlico

The city of Baltimore has dropped a lawsuit against The Stronach Jockey Club over the future Pimlico Race Course"good-faith negotiations". t

(The Gentleman) (The Gentleman) Laurel Park Catherine Pugh, who resigned from office May 2006 t

"The Jack" – The President of The Stronach Group, on Preakness Day May 18. T

B interest at large. "

"Stringach said," Stronach said.

On Preakness Day, Tim Ritvo, CEO of The Stronach Group, said during the meeting.

In the face of the problem at Pimlico, he added May 18, "It gets tougher every year" t It's old infrastructure We are doing everything we can do it, but when you don't have it anybody here. t

We only did that after we did it, we thought it was not worth it! the Maryland Stadium study study t

Every day on the facility, and it does not make a t what you see here. "

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