civil marriage license uae rules 2021: UAE issues first civil marriage license to non-Muslim couples – uae issues first civil marriage license for canadian couple

Dubai: The UAE has issued civil marriage licenses to non-Muslim couples. The UAE license was issued to a Canadian couple. The news is reported by the state media. The UAE is a country of about one crore people. 90% of them are foreigners. It is in this context that the UAE is changing the laws of the country for foreigners and non-Muslims.

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Last year, the UAE adopted changes in its economic policy to increase foreign investment. The UAE had earlier amended the law on premarital life, alcohol and personal laws. November is early
Implemented a special personal law for non-Muslims in the UAE. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi, issued the order.

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The new civil law is designed to allow non-Muslims to marry and divorce. Until now, marriages and divorces in the UAE have been governed by Islamic law.
The new court will set up a new court in Abu Dhabi to hear cases involving families of non-Muslims. The proceedings of the court will be conducted in English and Arabic.

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