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Civil unrest escalated!Fei Sir ordered Suskecha to lead the battle against Tottenham on Saturday

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Fei Sir is out of order, and Susquecha leads the battle against Tottenham on Saturday without losing!

Manchester United lost 0:5 in the most recent round of the Premier League last Sunday at the feet of rival Liverpool. According to the Sun, the morale of the Red Devils training base is very low and the players have lost confidence in Susquecha, although the former Manchester United legend Feige Sun is still supporting his beloved to temporarily “extend his life” for him. Sue B will continue to lead the Premier League match against Tottenham on Saturday, but the coaching position is still in jeopardy.

“The Sun” quoted Manchester United insiders as revealing that the current state of the Carrington base is very flat. The players feel that the training sessions by Suskecha and the coaching staff are not helpful. Some big-name players have lost confidence and patience with Su Shuai. Among them, Pouba, who was “leading the red” against Liverpool, apologized to his teammates in the locker room after the game, but did not speak to Susquecha. The French forward has stopped negotiations with the club for a contract extension.


After the “Double Red Club”, Puba (left) officially broke with Suskecha (right)!

Manchester United’s internal contradictions were humiliated by Liverpool and turned out to be uncontrollable. Even the Red Devils legend Kashin thought that the era of Susquecha should be over.

Suskecha’s life is hanging by a thread. At the time, Ferguson, his mentor in charge of Manchester United, had to “handle” and talked with the senior management of Manchester United to support his lover. On Tuesday, he even visited the Canington training ground in person. Vice Chairman Ai Hua Shi also appeared. “Manchester Evening News” reported that both Sir Fei and Ives hope that Su B will be appointed, but the final decision is always in the owner’s Grasa family.

It is known that Suskecha will not step down immediately, but if he meets Waterloo again against Tottenham on Saturday, he will be “immortal” by then! It is worth mentioning that Tottenham’s leader Newnu is also facing the crisis of “fired”. This game can be said to be a battle for the team leader to stay in office. The two coaches must play in the “finals”. If they win, they will stay low. If they lose, they are ready to carry the burden.

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