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‘Civilization Express’ 2PM Junho “A performance to loosen the belt? I did it deliberately.”

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[매일경제 스타투데이 이지영 인턴기자]

Group 2PM’s Junho talked about his belt unwinding performance.
On the 27th, on the YouTube channel ‘Civilization Express’, “Junho, it has been 5 years since I bought and sold a house because of you. Now tell me your home address. Please…. (feat.FOX Junho)’ was released.
In the released video, MC Jaejae had time to introduce 2PM’s ‘Come Noonmyeong (a masterpiece that will make you close your eyes even if you comeback)’ with Junho.
While talking about the performance of untying the tie in the song ‘I’m Your Man’ that day, Jaejae asked, “I can’t believe (heard the story) that I took off my belt at a concert.” “There was a lot of speculation (about loosening the belt). I thought he would have turned around and untied it and went out coolly, but he really took off (belt) in front of him more proudly than anyone else.” He was surprised and asked, “Please explain.”
Junho said, “There is no room for explanation. This was deliberately chosen.” He revealed the behind-the-scenes story behind the scenes, saying, “As the concert continued before and after the stage, I didn’t have a tie, so I had to untie my belt.
Junho then recalled the time, saying, “When I was untiing (belt), I only thought, ‘I have to loosen it quickly’.”
Jaejae said, “The reaction of the fans was suspicious at first, but when he realized the situation, he shouted, ‘The belt is loose!'” He described the fans and explained the concert situation, bringing laughter to the audience.
Junho’s group 2PM, with the goal of releasing a new album at the end of June, foretold a comeback with a full group, raising fans’ expectations.
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photo| Capture of ‘Civilization Special’ on YouTube[ⓒ 매일경제 & mk.co.kr, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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