‘Civilization Express’ Han Ga-in “I almost ran away from home while raising ‘My House’ Jun-ho”

Actress Han Ga-in showed her fan love for 2PM’s Lee Jun-ho.

On the 27th, on the ‘Civilization Express’ YouTube channel, Han Ga-in said, ‘”It’s frustrating” Yeon Jeong-hoon doesn’t like all the photos he took hahaha No, how did you live with it? A video titled ‘(meaning that there is a subtle madness)’ was released.

In the released video, when Jaejae asked if he had ever seen ‘Civilization Express’, Han Ga-in said, “I’ve seen it a lot. When Jaejae said, “You like ‘My House’,” he replied, “YouTube (algorithm) has been like ‘My House’ Junho.”

Then, “Where is your home? I almost came out of the house raising my baby,” and showed off his wit.

Ga-in Han said, “At the same time, ‘Moonteuk’ kept popping up. I saw Teacher Yoon Yeo-jeong and senior Hwang Jung-min appeared,” he said, implying that he is a fan of ‘Civilization Express’. Jaejae responded, “You took the route with a very unusual algorithm.”

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)



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