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Clap your hands! Governor Pathum gave money to buy sanitary napkins and adult diapers to field hospital

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Today (August 4) on Facebook Pathum Thani Provincial Public Relations Office Post an impressive story when Mr. Chaiwat Chuenkosoom Governor of Pathum Thani Province patrol to visit field hospitals in the area to check order and check the necessary items in the hospital But still not forgetting important little things like “sanitary napkins” and “adult diapers” for patients who come to be treated. that is not convenient to provide personal items for everyone The message says

In the morning, after the governor and his team shared a patrol to visit Sanam Hospital, in the afternoon, they summarized the results of the practice.

7 field hospitals, 2,103 beds, rice, food, utensils There are both donors and budgets. Should not be missing anything, said Deputy Dr. Sor.

The governor asked, “Did you provide sanitary napkins?” Everyone was silent. The governor took two envelopes at his desk, one of which said: “Remuneration for speakers” another envelope wrote: “Meeting allowance”, the governor told us that “Please buy sanitary napkins for the field hospital. It’s hard for people who are addicted to COVID. Coming to the field hospital wouldn’t be very comfortable. If there is a need to use sanitary napkins and do not use them, it would be difficult to take care of them. If there is anything that can help, let’s help each other.”

The next day, the governor asked, “Is the money given enough?” We answered honestly, “Not enough.” The governor smiled and complimented, “Very good, indicating that tampons are important and necessary in the field hospital.” Hand over the money in the same mission. But tell them to add an adult diaper as well.

I want to name this story “The story of women. But men can help.”

Mrs. Pornapsorn Nilchinda, Public Relations Officer, Pathum Thani Province, Mrs. Somsong Poomprasert, Deputy Doctor of Public Health, Pathum Thani Province Project Coordinator for supplying sanitary napkins in field hospitals during the Covid-19 situation, Pathum Thani


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