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Clara wears a bra top and exposes herself again… “Unrealistic beauty”

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Actress Clara Instagram Capture

Actress Clara showed off her glamorous body by wearing unconventional outfits every day.

On the 25th, Clara posted a picture along with a lip-shaped emoticon on her SNS.

In the published photo, Clara is wearing a black bra top and a jacket of the same color and gazing somewhere with chic eyes.

On this day, Clara boasts the most unrivaled volume among domestic celebrities, a perfect waistline that can’t be found even with fat, and abs made with exercise. In addition, she added a doll-like beauty to her small face just before extinction to radiate the beauty of a princess in a fairy tale. did.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “Your eyes are dazzling”, “I like the goddess Clara so much”, “Clara is really pretty, but she’s getting more and more beautiful”, and “Unrealistic beauty”.

Clara, born in 1985, married a Korean-American businessman 2 years older than her in 2019 and is currently working in China.

After graduating from MIT in the United States, her husband Samuel Hwang, who worked as a businessman in China, started his domestic activities in 2016 as a representative of the Korean branch of WeWork Labs, a shared office platform company.

Not only that, but through an entertainment program, the couple became a hot topic when it was announced that they were living in the Lotte World Tower Signiel Residence in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and the sale price was 8.1 billion won.

(Seoul = News 1)

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