Clara’s dizzying temptation, revealing her body in a cut-out dress… “So charming”

Captured Instagram of actress Clara © News1

Actress Clara once again captivated fans with her bold and bewitching figure.

On the 30th, actress Clara posted a number of photos along with the words “#love #♥” on her SNS.

In the photo, Clara is wearing a cut-out dress that shows off her chest line, and is staring at the camera from various angles with her eyes devouring the camera.

Clara, who overwhelms the atmosphere with her unique confident charisma, adds her own subtle atmosphere and appeals to her unique charm like a goddess of the continent.

Above all, Clara’s perfect body line is making the fans’ mouths open, from the perfect S-line body full of volume and solid thighs to the small face just before extinction.

Netizens who saw this commented, “Black Clara. She’s sexy and charismatic too”, “I’m so envious of her slim body. A style that no one can match”, “I want to show her activities not only in China but also in Korea. I miss her”, etc. showed a reaction of

Clara, born in 1985, married Samuel Hwang, a Korean-American businessman 2 years older than her, in 2019, and is currently working in China.

After graduating from MIT in the United States, her husband Samuel Hwang, who worked as a businessman in China, started his domestic activities in 2016 as a representative of the Korean branch of WeWork Labs, a shared office platform (trading place) company.

Not only that, but through an entertainment program, it was announced that the couple were living at the Lotte World Tower Signiel Residence in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and the sale price was 8.1 billion won.

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